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Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world. The three stand-alone dramas will be sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales with a techno-paranoia bent - all audacious ‘what if' stories: some comic, some shocking.

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aired Dec 04, 2011


scorpiospectrum (Jan 10, 2018)

@b0sse oh thank u

b0sse (Jan 09, 2018)

@scorpiospectrum its under the "specials" tab labeled as s03e00

scorpiospectrum (Jan 07, 2018)

where's white christmas?????

purefault (Oct 24, 2017)

@b0sse It could be similar to Rate Your Music where additions/corrections can be voted on by viewers to ensure accuracy. Of course, this would take more to implement, but it could be a good idea.

b0sse (Oct 17, 2017)

@Lemon You should just make a function so that we the members can just edit shows ourselves. Like an edit button that lets us add episode, airdates etc. This way, you wouldnt have to bother.

Lemon (Oct 05, 2017)

@AmberLMitchell Haha it's okay. I need to build some better data error reporting tools in V1 to make this easier for you guys. It's a common theme and the majority of my time spent on dev is fixing data errors or reviewing submitted new tv shows. I need to optimize those 2 flows :)

AmberLMitchell (Oct 04, 2017)

@Lemon Okay, okay... Sorry for being so harsh. When I really think about it, one error on a tv tracking site isn't such a big deal.

Lemon (Oct 03, 2017)

@AmberLMitchell We unfortunately don't have the staff to monitor all show updates that come in from TheTVDB. Someone added the rogue season in TheTVDB with incorrect air times which resulted in the season populating automatically in our database with incorrect data.

AmberLMitchell (Oct 03, 2017)

I really got my hopes up when I saw that there was a new episode... Turns out, has lied to me once again

justmike (Oct 02, 2017)

@Moldonado You're not the only one.

Moldonado (Oct 02, 2017)

Goddamn you followmytv for getting me all hyped.

b0sse (Oct 02, 2017)

Season 4 airtimes seems to be incorrect.
According to this, all 6 new episodes should have aired 20 hours ago. They did not.

There are also no news as to when it airs when Googling.

Lauris (Oct 30, 2016)

They should have kept doing 3 episodes per season. Specially s3e5 and s3e6 are quite weak.

ForgotMyLines (Oct 27, 2016)

Loved season 3!

DonGari (Oct 24, 2016)

Season 3 is weakest in my opinion, waited way to much time for it and I am a bit dissapointed, not that I say it is not worth watching it has its moments, but first 2 are in my opinion much better.

Bristow (Oct 23, 2016)

@justmike In Spain, the order is wrong too :/

Baltimore (Oct 22, 2016)

@justmike Yes, they are.

on another note: season 3 is weird.

justmike (Oct 21, 2016)

Are the episodes of the third season out of order here? On my netflix (the dutch version) the order is completely different..

purefault (Feb 06, 2016)

"White Christmas" could have been a movie. It kinda blew my mind.

narcyzmalfoy (Dec 30, 2015)

why there isnt the white chritmas episode?

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  • Status On hiatus
  • Premiered Dec 04, 2011
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Horror/Supernatural, Thriller, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Network Channel 4
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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