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Bad Education

Bad Education

Bad Education, written by and starring Jack Whitehall, follows Alfie, the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system, and a bigger kid than his students. Despite his obvious shortcomings, Alfie's position at the school is stable thanks to Fraser, the school's headmaster, who tragically longs to be as cool as Alfie. He's the teacher who just wants to be everyone's 'best mate' and is prone to massive and very public mishaps. There's also Miss Gulliver, the school biology teacher and the apple of Alfie's eye. She cares deeply about the school and the students. Deputy headmistress Pickwell is less easy-going. She is an 'old school' teacher and can't stand her younger colleagues. She's a disciplinarian who wants Creationism put back on the syllabus and would prefer a school without children at all!

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aired Aug 14, 2012


BertDenolf (Mar 02, 2023)

The 'soft reboot' without Jack Whitehall (season 4) is painfully bad and unbearable to watch

ForgotMyLines (Aug 24, 2016)

Nice bit of fun, this show.

BertDenolf (Jul 17, 2015)
bubonicfred (Mar 08, 2015)

@BertDenolf I recently heard something about a movie

grizzlyedwin (Jan 06, 2015)

@BertDenolf Don't think so. The finale seemed like a nice way to go out. I would love if they made some Christmas specials though.

billystriker (Nov 01, 2014)

@BertDenolf oed e kr je mulle

BertDenolf (Oct 31, 2014)

Quite sad but heartwarming ending.. There's no chance this is coming back, is it? :/

furbul (Nov 08, 2012)

this is great. waiting for season 2

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  • Premiered Aug 14, 2012
  • Genre Comedy
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Network BBC THREE
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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