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Les Revenants Season 1

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94 votes
1x01 Camille aired Nov 26, 2012

A family is shocked when their daughter Camille, killed in a bus accident four years prior, returns home unharmed, be... read more

82 votes
1x02 Simon aired Nov 26, 2012

Camille's family, including her twin sister Léna – now four years older than her twin – attempt to deal with her rein... read more

81 votes
1x03 Julie aired Dec 03, 2012

Camille and her family debate moving to a new town to start afresh, while Camille attempts to live a normal life, pre... read more

77 votes
1x04 Victor aired Dec 03, 2012

Julie is devastated when her ex-partner Laure takes Victor away from her to a local shelter run by Pierre. While ther... read more

75 votes
1x05 Serge and Toni aired Dec 10, 2012

Victor leaves the shelter with Madame Costa, and discuss their experiences as Revenants with each other. Serge holds ... read more

74 votes
1x06 Lucy aired Dec 10, 2012

Lucy wakes up from a coma in hospital, having miraculously healed all injuries. After realizing that "Alice" could in... read more

72 votes
1x07 Adèle aired Dec 17, 2012

Pierre shows Claire his shelter stocked with food and firearms, believing that the appearance of the Revenants marks ... read more

78 votes
1x08 The Horde aired Dec 17, 2012

A flashback to the date of Camille's reappearance at the dam shows many Revenants also appearing at the same time. Wa... read more


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