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A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world's order.

Written by Andy & Lana Wachowski ("The Matrix", "Cloud Atlas").

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aired Jun 05, 2015


Dmpstrbaby (Jul 23, 2017)

@kamaradu funny, I actually enjoyed skipping that part very much.

kamaradu (Jun 29, 2017)

4 the fans:
<<In a video posted on social media, the characters from the series reunite and sing along to the song “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Midway through the video, the following words appear onscreen: “It’s happening. Two-hour finale episode. Tell your cluster.”>> -netflix-1202483044/

TomF (Jun 01, 2017)


Baltimore (Jan 13, 2017)

@w00tert At least something we can agree on.

w00tert (Jan 12, 2017)

@Baltimore It's no use talking with you. I'm voicing my opinion with at least an attempt of argument. You're playing a victim for no real reason and attacking me personally. Enjoy the show in a way you feel best, I'll do the same, maybe.

Baltimore (Jan 11, 2017)

@w00tert Do you even know what pansexuality is? How do you think it is 'showing'? Might be pretty dumb of me to wish you to hell, but that doesn't mean that you can drag this show with your smallmindedness (educate yourself, please).

w00tert (Jan 11, 2017)

@Baltimore according to some interview i've seen around, the creators believe every character is pansexual. Which is a bit strange to me, because before this weird x-mas party gone wild, they haven't shown signs of this.
That's why i think it's strange they suddenly mix it all up and just go to town with each other. I think i'd be strange for some of them to suddenly experience a gay encounter.

It has nothing to do with smallmindedness or anything and i think it's pretty dumb of you to wish somebody to hell. No?

kimmestry (Jan 04, 2017)

indeed it was weird :D I was thinking lights and bells but instead just a cheap follow up ;)

Baltimore (Jan 03, 2017)

@w00tert They do that because every one of the protagonists is pansexual, neither gay nor straight. And I have the feeling they also do that to stop smallminded people like you from watching it. Go to hell, sweetheart. :)

w00tert (Dec 27, 2016)

Lol, that xmas special was terrible! The episode was a poor excuse for the Wachowski's to exhibit their sexual fantasies. Does nobody find it sick they mix up gay and straight during these scenes without batting an eye?

Leo111 (Dec 24, 2016)

Christmas special?

kamaradu (Aug 10, 2015)

Season Two Renewal for Netflix Series. The announcement was made on 08.08, the birthday of the 8 principal characters (Aml Ameen, Bae Doona, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, and Brian J. Smith).

maxmullen (Aug 09, 2015)

Fuck yeah second season :DD

@AyeMeL You're absolutely disgusting, I feel bad for the people that have to deal with your stupidity in real life.

BertDenolf (Aug 08, 2015)
kenneththepage (Jul 27, 2015)

@jaehyo oh i know i just decided to act ignorant of their shit response rather than get in a conversation about not being gross. thanks tho :)

jaehyo (Jul 27, 2015)

@kenneththepage i'm pretty sure they're referencing drake bell's gross transphobic comment about bruce (caitlyn) jenner. flop attempt tho lol

kenneththepage (Jul 13, 2015)

@AyeMeL my name isn't bruce tho

AyeMeL (Jul 12, 2015)

@youandwhatband, @kenneththepage

"Sorry… still calling you Bruce."

youandwhatband (Jul 10, 2015)

Love this series! I'm normally not really into Sci-Fi, but this is very different, very original!

@AyeMeL Seriously, you watched this series and still call her a "transgender guy"? Smh.

kenneththepage (Jul 10, 2015)

@AyeMeL transgender girl*

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  • Premiered Jun 05, 2015
  • Genre Action, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi, Science-Fiction
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  • Runtime 60 minutes
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