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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1

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291 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 18, 2013

Detective Jake Peralta is a talented, but carefree police detective at Brooklyn's 99th precinct who, along with his eclectic group of colleagues, are used to... read more

The Tagger
278 votes
1x02 The Tagger aired Sep 24, 2013

With Captain Holt on his back, Jake must make the call whether to arrest the son of the Deputy Commissioner when he catches him committing vandalism.

The Slump
258 votes
1x03 The Slump aired Oct 01, 2013

Jake has a slew of unsolved cases that he can't seem to close, and the other detectives don't want his losing streak to rub off on them. Meanwhile, Holt ask... read more

M.E. Time
248 votes
1x04 M.E. Time aired Oct 08, 2013

Much to the team's annoyance, Jake hits on an attractive medical examiner, Dr. Rossi (guest star Ellis), at a crime scene and holds up the autopsy report. H... read more

The Vulture
248 votes
1x05 The Vulture aired Oct 15, 2013

"The Vulture," a detective (guest star Dean Winters) from Special Crimes, takes over Jake's nearly solved murder case and steals his thunder. Over a few dri... read more

255 votes
1x06 Halloween aired Oct 22, 2013

It's Halloween night, a busy time of the year for any police precinct. Amy detests the holiday, and is not thrilled when she has to don a costume to go unde... read more

48 Hours
232 votes
1x07 48 Hours aired Nov 05, 2013

When Jake makes an arrest without a lot of proof, he only has 48 hours to collect evidence, or else the "perp" will be released. After his unsuccessful inter... read more

Old School
230 votes
1x08 Old School aired Nov 12, 2013

Jake's dream comes true when he gets to spend the day with his hero, Jimmy Brogan, a former crime reporter. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Jake’s com... read more

Sal's Pizza
228 votes
1x09 Sal's Pizza aired Nov 19, 2013

When Sal's Pizza burns down and the fire marshal quickly assumes that the owner is the prime suspect in the investigation, Jake does everything in his power ... read more

239 votes
1x10 Thanksgiving aired Nov 26, 2013

Amy wants to host a Thanksgiving dinner for the entire precinct, but it turns into a holiday disaster when Holt and Jake have to leave to go catch a perp. B... read more

229 votes
1x11 Christmas aired Dec 03, 2013

Captain Holt receives death threats and Jake is put in charge of his security, a job he enjoys and abuses as much as he can. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to get t... read more

Pontiac Bandit
236 votes
1x12 Pontiac Bandit aired Jan 07, 2014

Jake is interested in one of Rosa's perps, Doug Judy, who has information about the "Pontiac Bandit," a car thief whom Jake has been tracking for years. Mean... read more

The Bet
249 votes
1x13 The Bet aired Jan 14, 2014

Jake and Amy's ongoing bet about who can make more arrests comes to a close. Meanwhile, Charles receives the Medal of Valor for getting shot in the line of d... read more

The Ebony Falcon
224 votes
1x14 The Ebony Falcon aired Jan 21, 2014

On his first task back in the field, Terry busts a steroid ring, and in doing so, takes cues from Jake on how to harness his emotions. Meanwhile, Amy and Ros... read more

Operation: Broken Feather
235 votes
1x15 Operation: Broken Feather aired Feb 02, 2014

Jake and Amy investigate a string of hotel robberies together, but their partnership is put to the test when he finds out she may leave the Nine-Nine to work... read more

The Party
234 votes
1x16 The Party aired Feb 04, 2014

The Nine-Nine crew are invited to Capt. Holt's birthday party and despite their best efforts, make a bad impression on his husband.

Full Boyle
224 votes
1x17 Full Boyle aired Feb 11, 2014

Jake takes steps to prevent Boyle from scaring off his new love. Amy and Rosa are taught a lesson by Terry while Capt. Holt prepares for an opponent to his ... read more

The Apartment
222 votes
1x18 The Apartment aired Feb 25, 2014

Jake's crushing debt finally catches up to him, and he is in danger of losing his apartment, unless Gina can find a way to bail him out. Captain Holt and Se... read more

Tactical Village
233 votes
1x19 Tactical Village aired Mar 04, 2014

The precinct heads to Tactical Village Day, a mandatory training course in which all regional precincts compete. While there, Amy runs into Teddy (guest sta... read more

Fancy Brudgom
221 votes
1x20 Fancy Brudgom aired Mar 11, 2014

Charles asks Jake to be the best man at his wedding, a role that requires Jake to be supportive in important wedding decisions, ranging from cake tasting to ... read more

216 votes
1x21 Unsolvable aired Mar 18, 2014

When Jake gets the weekend off, he decides to take on a cold case that everyone thinks is unsolvable, but with the help of Terry, the two try to crack the ca... read more

Charges and Specs
238 votes
1x22 Charges and Specs aired Mar 25, 2014

Jake’s investigation of philanthropic civic leader Lucas Wint is shut down by Commissioner Podalski. Still determined to crack the case, Jake enlists Amy and... read more


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