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From Emmy Award-winning directors Joe and Anthony Russo (Arrested Development) comes Community, a smart comedy series about higher education -- and lower expectations. The student body at Greendale Community College is made up of high-school losers, newly divorced housewives, and old people who want to keep their minds active. Within these not-so-hallowed halls, Community focuses on a band of misfits, at the center of which is a fast-talkin' lawyer whose degree has been revoked (Joel McHale), who form a study group and end up learning a lot more about themselves than they do about their course work.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Sep 17, 2009


dddieter (Aug 30, 2011)

Amen to that!

LoesCoucke (Aug 30, 2011)

@BertDenolf ik ook wi :)

ColeFrost (Aug 13, 2011)
ColeFrost (Jul 26, 2011)

It gets even better... John Goodman just signed on for at least 6 episodes:

Goodman is always great.

BertDenolf (Jul 26, 2011)

Loving this!

ColeFrost (Jul 25, 2011)

Michael K. Williams to join as the latest professor. Don't know the name? He was Omar on The Wire. Impossible to not know him if you watched the show.

StevieG (Jul 17, 2011)

Okay... this IS funny! :')

ColeFrost (May 18, 2011)



I'm just filling in the blanks for other shows. I noticed that some shows had people looking at what the status for next year was and I wasn't here when some of the status changes happened. I'm just quickly filling in the remaining shows that I see.

curve (May 13, 2011)

"As shown in the pilot the whole reason for the studygroup and thus the show is Jeff wants to nail Britta, this is built up pretty standardly but when he does finally bone her, the show doesn't really seem to care"

fwiw that's basically how it's in real life too if you didn't know it yet ;)

Jos (May 13, 2011)

I think that's basically what happened. Brie has become quite the phenomenon, so I guess it's fair they shifted the show more towards her, as fanservice.

But then again the way this show was written, it might have been on purpose. As shown in the pilot the whole reason for the studygroup and thus the show is Jeff wants to nail Britta, this is built up pretty standardly but when he does finally bone her, the show doesn't really seem to care. What basically should have been the climax to their arc (and basically a season), was handled rather quickly. "Yeah, they got together. Fuck it, let's see what Adeb and Troy are doing". They even reference it later on, saying they've been doing it regularly, which I at that point had nearly forgotten about. Like I said on the "For a Few Dollars More" page: the more I think about it, it seems to me that they're just trying to take the piss out of soap operas, which would also excuse them shoving Britta, eventhough she's "the main guy"'s girl.

curve (May 13, 2011)

Alison is just way hotter tbfh easy game

ColeFrost (May 13, 2011)

I see Pierce as still being really funny, even if they made him the enemy. His lines are still great and Chevy just nails the character always.

I don't care as much for Chang anymore. He went back and forth between dumbed down and really funny during the first season, but now he is just way too dumbed down for the show. When he taught Spanish and was in control in the classroom, that was when he was at his best.

My Britta/Annie theory is this:

#1 - Britta started out as the leading lady and Jeff's love interest. The show knew they had a legit leading man and lady. Both are rare.

#2 - Annie slowly started to gain traction and eventually managed to actually push Britta out. Alison Brie(Annie), was one of the best kept secrets out there, even though she was coming off Mad Men.

#3 - At the end of last season, Annie made the jump.

#4 - Since then, Annie has almost always been favored. Best romantic scenes, best costumes, and so on.

HansPB (May 13, 2011)

That's because he didn't get invited to their crap ;p Sure the writers pushed things to make him into a bad guy for some episodes, but it's never really out of character because it's obvious that Pierce just wants to belong. In season 2 he gets excluded more, which is understandable because his offensiveness doesn't always come in handy. But with Pierce being so oblivious to his own flaws it's not strange that he rebels so much against the rest of the group, he just doesn't get why they exclude him.
Chang has been amazing me throughout the season, but I agree that they have to be careful not to overdo things.

Jos (May 13, 2011)

In the first season Pierce basically just said offensive stuff, without all too many harm intended. Season 2 Pierce is just a major douchebag and very unlikeable. Like in that Fat Neil episode; I know Community parodies the genre, but after that episode it seemed more like Pierce was the badguy, which takes away from his character in later episodes. As for Chang: he used to just show little glimpses into his madness, which would burst through his obnoxious self and could be categorised as quirky. But season 2 Chang is just all guns blazing madness, all the time, and I feel that the character holds no weight whatsoever anymore. He's basically a cartoon-character now, and because he's firing on all cylinders all the time his extravagance has no real impact anymore.

HansPB (May 13, 2011)

Definitely agreed about Britta, but I kinda liked what they did with Pierce and Chang, it made a lot of great jokes and storylines possible. Also, I thought the changes felt natural enough. Chang only knows how to handle himself when he is in an authority position, when he lost that, it just showed that he is an even bigger loser than we thought. And Pierce just turns people against him, and he has problems dealing with that (acting like an even bigger asshole. It's a process that SHOW SPOILER ). Neither of them are annoying in my opinion. I did think Chang was annoying at first, but now I dig the craziness of Ken Jeong. I might even watch The Hangover again!

Jos (May 13, 2011)

So, Season 2 sure changed a lot. They totally screwed Pierce and Chang over and basically made them way more annoying than they were. I've read they're gonna turn Chang back into an authority-figure, which could work, I just hope they'll be able to fix Pierce also. Really weird though is how Britta basically became a sidecharacter: besides her sometimes screwing Jeff there really hasn't been a single episode (if I reckon correctly) where she was actually of any use. I mean: sure, Annie, Abed and Troy are my favorite characters and I love how they really have become the main characters, but I think Britta could have been handled a lot better.

Lemon (May 10, 2011)

2 more days for another epic installment of paintball!

Pajky (May 08, 2011)

paintball !!!

Geido (May 06, 2011)

Wow... that was awesome!

Best community ever!

HansPB (Apr 29, 2011)

Can't wait for the new paintball episodes!

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