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Love Season 1

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It Begins
12 votes
1x01 It Begins aired Feb 19, 2016

While recovering from nasty breakups with their exes, Mickey makes a scene at a church and Gus stumbles into a confusing sexual encounter.

One Long Day
15 votes
1x02 One Long Day aired Feb 19, 2016

After Gus steps in to help Mickey out of a jam, the two end up on a bizarre odyssey through the streets of L.A.

13 votes
1x03 Tested aired Feb 19, 2016

Gus faces a make-or-break situation at work, while Mickey navigates a dicey new dynamic with her boss.

Party in the Hills
14 votes
1x04 Party in the Hills aired Feb 19, 2016

Mix-ups and meltdowns abound when Mickey invites Gus to a party and comes face-to-face with mistakes from her past.

The Date
14 votes
1x05 The Date aired Feb 19, 2016

As Mickey tries to get her life back on track, Gus takes his date with Bertie to hilarious extremes.

12 votes
1x06 Andy aired Feb 19, 2016

A newly confident Gus turns heads on set, while a disturbing day at the radio station leaves Mickey feeling reckless.

13 votes
1x07 Magic aired Feb 19, 2016

Gus sets out to dazzle Mickey on their first real date, but the night doesn't go quite as he planned.

Closing Title Song
13 votes
1x08 Closing Title Song aired Feb 19, 2016

As Mickey frets over the fallout from their date, a new guest shakes things up at Gus's movie night jam session.

The Table Read
13 votes
1x09 The Table Read aired Feb 19, 2016

Gus gets exciting news at work, but a surprise visit from Mickey sends the day spiraling in a new direction.

The End of the Beginning
14 votes
1x10 The End of the Beginning aired Feb 19, 2016

Troubles keep mounting for Gus as he gets a taste of life in the writers' room. Meanwhile, a new crisis pushes Mickey to the breaking point.


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