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Love Season 2

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On Lockdown
23 votes
2x01 On Lockdown aired Mar 10, 2017

After coming clean to Gus, Mickey tries to head home to decompress. But an unexpected turn of events keeps them out together late into the night.

Friends Night Out
19 votes
2x02 Friends Night Out aired Mar 10, 2017

While Gus heads to a bar with his guy friends, a restless Mickey stirs up trouble at a dinner party full of couples.

While You Were Sleeping
18 votes
2x03 While You Were Sleeping aired Mar 10, 2017

Mickey tries to help her work buddy Truman out of a sticky situation, and an on-set accident rattles the "Witchita" cast and crew.

18 votes
2x04 Shrooms aired Mar 10, 2017

A quiet night turns trippy when Mickey convinces Gus, Bertie and Randy to sample her leftover psychedelic mushrooms.

A Day
17 votes
2x05 A Day aired Mar 10, 2017

On a day of spontaneous adventures, Mickey and Gus open up about their pasts and begin to let go of their fears.

Forced Hiatus
16 votes
2x06 Forced Hiatus aired Mar 10, 2017

Big news on the "Witchita" set leaves Gus caught in the middle of a family dispute over Arya's future. Mickey grows suspicious of Randy's motives.

The Work Party
17 votes
2x07 The Work Party aired Mar 10, 2017

While Mickey schmoozes with her new corporate bosses at a radio station party, Gus strikes up an unlikely friendship with Dr. Greg.

Marty Dobbs
18 votes
2x08 Marty Dobbs aired Mar 10, 2017

Gus joins Mickey for an outing with her dad but soon realizes the father-daughter dynamic is more complicated than she let on.

15 votes
2x09 Housesitting aired Mar 10, 2017

While housesitting at a friend's mansion, Gus and Mickey host a "Witchita" viewing party. But brewing tensions threaten to spoil the fun.

Liberty Down
14 votes
2x10 Liberty Down aired Mar 10, 2017

As Gus heads off to the set of Arya's action film and Mickey dives into a big project at work, new cracks appear in their relationship.

The Long D
13 votes
2x11 The Long D aired Mar 10, 2017

Mickey bonds with her ex, while Gus makes a desperate bid to patch things up with the film director. Bertie has a revelation.

Back in Town
15 votes
2x12 Back in Town aired Mar 10, 2017

With Gus back home, Mickey realizes she needs to make a decision. But her attempt to straighten out her love life only creates more chaos.


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