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In the sci-fi FOX drama, Fringe, a self-taught genius named Peter Bishop and FBI agent Olivia Dunham team up to investigate paranormal activity. They seek help from Bishop’s father, Walter, a brilliant (but possibly insane) scientist who is being held in a mental institution. Fringe explores mysteries of the paranormal as well as the relationships between the characters, and is steeped in mythology.

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aired Sep 10, 2008


Sandrosaurus (Apr 29, 2012)


Arlyn (Apr 27, 2012)

Can I have a big 'yay' for the renewal? I'm seriously grinning!

spabz (Apr 26, 2012)

renewed for a fifth, final season that will consist of 13 episodes order/

avanish (Apr 24, 2012)

just amazing...

Tomiha (Apr 22, 2012)

getting better and better!!!!

chrisisawesome (Apr 22, 2012)

after s4e19 we NEED season 5...

guiloko (Apr 22, 2012)

The episode 19 was really nice!

killmotion (Apr 17, 2012)

I know it's just a silly internet poll but if everyone could share this link and get people to vote for Fringe that'd be great!

L4zN7 (Mar 20, 2012)

Everything for #Fringe5

Dungus (Mar 14, 2012)

@marja Oh wow, that's really awesome. Big fan ^^

poeimoei (Mar 11, 2012)

I have to say: The beginning of season 4 kind of dissapointed. But the last couple of episodes are great again.

Sandrosaurus (Mar 04, 2012)

Stay alive Fringe!

RamboHax (Feb 20, 2012)

@marja Awsome, thanks for the intel :)

marja (Feb 14, 2012)

Great news, imo: Henry Ian Cusick, better known as Desmond Hume from Lost, will appear in an upcoming episode of Fringe! He'll play an FBI agent in the 19th episode.

killmotion (Feb 03, 2012)

New episodes run through February 24th, then it takes a 3 week break but will return on March 23rd, and every week it will be new with the final 8 episodes of the season running until the finale on May 11th. Which is very good.

Dandelion89 (Nov 20, 2011)

January 14? are you mad? I can't wait!

jedisparkle (Nov 20, 2011)

brilliant! can't wait till january!

oranges (Sep 23, 2011)

Sneaky sneaky Fringe! Very soon now :D
Season 4 can only bring massive changes, it's really intriguing.

ColeFrost (Aug 06, 2011)

Some surprisingly encouraging news from the Fox entertainment president:

I'll take doing just was well as last year and getting picked up. I still wouldn't be surprised if it got cancelled due to low ratings, though I think they will give J.J. Abrams time to finish the story. They also don't want to upset him with Alcatraz due out mid-season.

b0sse (Jul 19, 2011)

season 4 cant come soon enough :D

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