Futurama follows the comic exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery boy, who was accidentally cryogenically frozen in 1999, and awakens in the year 3000, finding much has changed, and, yet, is seemingly familiar. Together with an assortment of alien, robot, and human friends, he works for an… More intergalactic delivery service, Planet Express, run by his descendant nephew, and finds many adventures along the way.

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vindalooo (Dec 25, 2023)

After 10 years they decided to make season 8. YAHOO!

hubi1 (Jan 17, 2016)

Futurama = Simpsons

CosmicBeing (Jun 01, 2015)


CHR1S (Sep 05, 2013)

Want to go around again?

jorio (Aug 03, 2013)

I was like huh?

emonquente (Jul 18, 2013)

I just read that link below -- yeah, I take some of that back. Well, one thing actually, from the interview it sounds like some of these last few episodes might be quite good. I haven't been impressed with this last season so far, but the spoilers for the last episode in particular sounded pretty good.

But now I kinda wish I hadn't read the interview ha ha, so I could've gone in without the slightest expectation of it being good.

emonquente (Jul 18, 2013)

All right, seriously . .. how in the heck can they do 2 year seasons anyway? If yous top airing for 9 months, your bloody season is over.

Show has 9 seasons, not 7, don't care what they try and sell me.

*coughs* that said, I'm glad this is over. I wanted it back so much - but when it finally came back they . . .just. . .look it isn't that it wasn't funny, but the Fry and Leela stuff, the excess of adult humour = sex stuff. . .mostly those two actually -- the show, as it turns out, was pretty much tapped, and Season 5 had a perfect note to end on. Now, even if they give us that same note -- we've had too many episodes that were meant to be possible places to end the series (read: too many with Fry and Leela as a question to solve).

This finale is gonna be such a let-down *sighs* Honestly, I miss the days when a show could just end, and I be surprised to find a couple years later "wait, whatever happened to that show?" Hell, Futurama was cancelled for like two years before I found out, and I didn't find out about any of the Family Guy cancellations until after it came back. mostly because I never watched new episodes on purpose back in the day, before the internet I just watched Adult Swim every night and got around to the new stuff eventually lol.

Aaanyway --- yeah, I'll miss this show, and always kinda want new episodes -- but then again, the new episodes we got over the past 4 years just made the show stop feeling like a complete and coherent experiences so yeah, I really, really don't actually want to get more.

Ninjada (May 01, 2013)

gogo futurama, kickstarter season 8!

oranges (Apr 22, 2013)

'tis a shame, but we got our fair share :)

az25 (Apr 22, 2013)

@Artifex haha, was just about to post this. sorry fans :( , i never really got into this show, but i've enjoyed episodes i've watched with my bro.

Artifex (Apr 22, 2013)


Wel l that's a shame... But at least we now know when the new episodes air: June 19.

Artifex (Dec 27, 2012)

Any idea when the new episodes air?

Solid (Jun 24, 2012)
Muscleduck (Jun 23, 2012)

Not sure if new episode... brilliant :-)

Solid (Jun 23, 2012)

It seems like the artstyle changed a bit..

Snowyflake (Mar 20, 2012)

@BPol I noticed something strange with the order, I downloaded the first 4 seasons in Spanish and when I looked on subtitle websites (for english subs), all the episodes were scrambled over 5 seasons :s Had to puzzle all together by myself while the episode titles of the episodes I had were in Spanish which made everything even more complicated since I don't speak Spanish.. (For who is wondering why I would download Spanish episodes if I can't understand it, it is to practice my Spanish :) )

BPol (Mar 10, 2012)

Episodes are listed in the order they were broadcast by Fox and Comedy Central (depending on the season). This is not the order the creators intended the show to be watched in. This also resulted in Futurama's first four seasons being spread out as five seasons on Fox. For the order the show's episodes were produced in consult the show's box sets or the wikipedia page (http://tiny.cc/ss8yaw).

Artifex (Feb 12, 2012)

It's returning in June. That's a long time, but at least it's actually returning!

larske (Oct 04, 2011)

Unbalanced or not it was still mostly pretty awesome ^^
Is there going to be a full season 7 ?

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