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Futurama Season 1

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Space Pilot 3000
57 votes
1x01 Space Pilot 3000 aired Mar 28, 1999

On December 31st 1999, Pizza delivery boy Fry hates his life. After a Crank call that led him to a cryogenation lab, Fry falls into a stasis pod. He wakes up... read more

The Series Has Landed
57 votes
1x02 The Series Has Landed aired Apr 04, 1999

The new Planet Express crew receives their first mission: a delivery to an amusement park on the Moon. Fry is enthusiastic about the idea of going to the Moo... read more

I, Roommate
52 votes
1x03 I, Roommate aired Apr 06, 1999

Fry lives in the Planet Express building until he is kicked out for his messiness. He initially moves in with Bender, but his new apartment is little more th... read more

Love's Labors Lost in Space
47 votes
1x04 Love's Labors Lost in Space aired Apr 13, 1999

The Planet Express crew goes on a mission to rescue animals on Vergon 6, a planet that was mined hollow of the dark matter that filled it for fuel, and is on... read more

Fear of a Bot Planet
42 votes
1x05 Fear of a Bot Planet aired Apr 20, 1999

The Planet Express crew deliver a package to Chapek 9, a planet inhabited entirely by human-hating robots who kill humans on sight. Bender is sent to deliver... read more

A Fishful of Dollars
43 votes
1x06 A Fishful of Dollars aired Apr 27, 1999

Fry checks his bank account for the first time in a thousand years and discovers that he has become a billionaire thanks to compound interest. He goes on a m... read more

My Three Suns
37 votes
1x07 My Three Suns aired May 04, 1999

Fry is sent to make a delivery on the planet of Trisol, but is stricken by extreme thirst after traveling on foot under the planet's three blazing suns and d... read more

A Big Piece of Garbage
39 votes
1x08 A Big Piece of Garbage aired May 11, 1999

After forgetting to bring an invention to an academic symposium and being humiliated by his arch-nemesis, Wernstrom, Farnsworth discovers another invention h... read more

Hell is Other Robots
42 votes
1x09 Hell is Other Robots aired May 18, 1999

Bender becomes addicted to electricity and ends up wrecking the Planet Express ship while steering it into an electrical storm in space, nearly killing every... read more


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