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michaela (Oct 28, 2011)

Yes, I have! STUPID STUPID NBC! It showed up in my Jamie Bamber tag on Tumblr and I immediately went DOWNLOAD - WATCH - RE-WATCH JAMIE'S SCENES - CRY A LITTLE. It wasn't the greatest pilot ever, with two teams and two different cases it was a little bit all over the place, but it looked cool and awesome and HOW IS JAMIE SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEvER UNDERSTAND ♥___♥

Esai Morales was a surprise for me too, I actually screamed "OMG LOOK! IT'S LEE AND GRANPA ADAMA!!!" out loud, but I was home alone and cats didn't care :( On the other hand, I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of Jamie/Kristin Kreuk making out! She was supposed to play his wife, but I guess she never made it into pilot :(

And Jamie and James working together! I could watch 80 seasons of that! *CURRENTLY HATING NBC MORE THAN FOX AND SYFY TOGETHER*

swoon (Jun 26, 2011)

I KNOW :D! Happy show is happy! :D

michaela (Jun 24, 2011)

You're watching Stargate!?! Yay!
For the first time?

michaela (Jun 03, 2011)

Half of the time I'm thinking "this is how being on drugs has to feel like". But I started s2 today and so far I'm liking it a lot. And they gave me unexpected!John Simm! <3

michaela (May 15, 2011)

I started watching like two hours ago, but I really like it <3

EVERYTHING IS NEIL GAIMAN AND NOTHING HURTS. Why would you (or I) need help? Did you watch Confidential? I watched it twice and I was just squeeing the whole time :D We need another Neil Gaiman episode next week... or year.

swoon (May 15, 2011)

Hi! :D

michaela (May 15, 2011)

:DD I was just adding Better Off Ted to my shows and the first thing I see is "anapaula is following Better Off Ted". OMG THIS IS CREEPY! INTERNET IS SO SMALL :D
Michaela (nothingbuttherain)

mareeana (Mar 02, 2011)

Bb! Estava stalking your tumblr (whoops?) e encontrei este super-site, yay! I'MMA TRY TO GUESS WHO TAGGED LEVERAGE WITH "SOPHIE IS MY QUEEN."

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