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Hi there rryanm,
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rryanm (May 20, 2014)

@Notfub I saw it was another mtv comedy and it looks quite funny

Notfub (May 19, 2014)

Havnt seen rj berger in ages, forgot it existed

rryanm (Apr 28, 2014)

@Notfub It might not have gone so timid, over dramatic and pansy lacking common sense in the most recent seasons if HBO were doing it.

rryanm (Nov 08, 2013)

@Notfub Yeah it was great, haven't been too keen recently ever since they did that stupid episode solely on Rafi when he nicked Kevs car. This one upped the quality again.

Notfub (Nov 08, 2013)

The newest league was so funny

rryanm (May 03, 2013)

@Notfub haha thats quite clever. More clever than the actual Walking Dead season 3.

Notfub (May 02, 2013)
Notfub (Apr 03, 2013)

@rryanm Lots of holes, went downhill the second rick started seeing lorie. Only person I like now is Daryl.

rryanm (Apr 03, 2013)

@Notfub lol, did you like the massive gun fights again where no one gets hit. blonde deserved to die after messing around talking for so long and choking dropping the pliers. Also how did pliars cut through steel...

rryanm (Apr 02, 2013)

walking dead finale was poop

rryanm (Mar 05, 2013)

@Notfub So much to watch atm, ill have it done by the end of the weekend.

Notfub (Mar 05, 2013)

Going a bit slow, Me n Math plowed through continuum in 2 days

rryanm (Feb 19, 2013)

@Notfub hahahaha, those pictures are great. Also loving the bullet proof grass Hershel took cover in.

Notfub (Feb 19, 2013)

On the latest episode of The walking dead:

"Yet again, Rick is in “Crazy Town” as the mayor over visions that HE KNOWS aren’t real, and Glen is on the warpath out for revenge. As Rick is walking about, somehow the Governor appears in a TRUCK THAT MAKES NO NOISE AT ALL.

Then there is a pathetic display of marksmanship AFTER the Governor SNIPES a good ‘ol southern boy on the verge of becoming a permanent fixture with the group.

So, after that deadly shot, no one can hit the broadside of a barn, we see lots of sparks from the bullets (I guess?) where there really is no sense of danger. Amazingly, with all the automatic weapons going off, NO ONE ELSE GETS SHOT."
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