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isobelstevens (Feb 10, 2015)

p.s txt me i got a new phone and i don't kno ur number off by hart

isobelstevens (Feb 10, 2015)

literal trash..... where tf is beths body first of all??? like im sad tyreese died and everything but why did he get a whole episode dedicated to his death when beth barely got 2 seconds..... where did they even put her? i gtg what is with this bad writing

theRecommender (Jan 03, 2015)

Hi there thms,
I am the Recommender and I have analyzed the viewing habbits of all the users. Now I am able to give you recommendations matching the series you love and follow.

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You should watch Community because you already follow Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones
You should watch Sherlock because you already follow True Detective, Breaking Bad

If you want to recieve new recommendations on a monthly basis you should add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

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