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Small update on current development status

By Lemon - Dec 02, 2015

to @all: I'm still thinking about all of this. I get a flood of 50+ messages each week with comments like "show x is not up to date". If I would fix all of those every day, I would not have time to actually code a fix for the rest.

I started work on the contribution system where our user base can self moderate the data. Including adding new shows / episodes. TheTVDB was a temporary fix for a bigger problem, its not a permanent fix and was never intended to be. It is an intermediate to get at least the most popular shows back up to date with episode numbers and titles.

Currently I'm swamped in a project at work that require me to work late nights for the last couple of weeks. Once we are passed the deadline I will be able to get back on track with fmtv development.


ForgotMyLines (Jan 24, 2016)

No Match of the Day again, or Match Of The Day 2, No football Focus again, no 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown again....Come on!

ForgotMyLines (Jan 23, 2016)

@janp Leave the facility open to import watched shows. I think the lot of us will move pretty soon, at this rate. Nothing seems to have gone on here for months.

janp (Jan 23, 2016)

@ForgotMyLines Yep, everything you've mentioned is possible on TVmaze.

ForgotMyLines (Jan 23, 2016)

@janp Do you do rating for shows and episodes? Able to comment/discuss shows? Basically the same as this site, but working?

janp (Jan 23, 2016)

@ForgotMyLines We do. We were thinking about re-activating the importer but aren't sure if users are interested in it.

monikabila (Jan 22, 2016)

@jaehyo yeah I'm using it for couple of months and is much better than this and what I like more colorful.Sorry but I just can wait forever for this page being fixed.Let's be honest the don't give a shit what is happening with their page.So many solutions and people want to help and still nothing?Come on...pff

BPol (Jan 22, 2016)

Man, I hate to jump ship as well, but not knowing what's happening makes it real hard not to. Almost two months with no update about what work is being done or even if work is currently being done makes it almost impossible to stay.

I'll stick around if I at least know what's going on because I love the site, but...I'm going to start to exploring the other options people have mentioned on here. :(

ForgotMyLines (Jan 21, 2016)

Been holding on all these months, but my patience is wearing really thin. I'll have a look at TVshowtime and TVmaze. See if they actually have episodes and shows that update. I've watched so many shows that don't even exist on here.

Would be really good to get any information/an update/anything.

tiagoh (Jan 21, 2016)

I hanged on for quite a while now, using and keeping track of what shows were missing here so I could update once the site was fixed. But since there has been no news for more than a month, I guess it's time to leave...

TomF (Jan 21, 2016)

I'm sorry but I really don't understand how you can be this amateuristic if you own a website with this many users.. This situation is beyond comprehension.

IzzieStevens (Jan 19, 2016)

Yeah, I'm using tvshowtime as well. So much better with the app.

goessaertN (Jan 18, 2016)

I saw a couple of days ago on facebook that the developer is currently on holiday... 'As soon as our developer is back we'll check'

TomF (Jan 18, 2016)

But tvshowtime doesn't seem to have a rating system? I love rating stuff. :(

Oivamuseoffire (Jan 17, 2016)

I'm sorry, but as much as I love this site and have stuck with it all fall and tried to give you guys the benefit of the doubt...this is just ridiculous. The lack of communication is what put me over the edge. I'll second the recommendation for tvshowtime and depart.

Janaaaa (Jan 17, 2016)

I don't know when there's a new episode of the shows I follow anymore. I'm so sad about this, because I love this website! I used to log in a few times a day, now it's about once a week. And then seeing nothing updated, meh, bit disappointing. I do understand that the developers have other stuff to do, but you're losing people here. I won't be leaving for good, but I'm searching for another solution in the meanwhile!

jaehyo (Jan 17, 2016)

guys, tvshowtime is much better, they also have an app, and an active community for discussion on the episodes too if you're into that sorta thing.

purretao (Jan 15, 2016)

This is worrying, Lemon not showing up for such a long time... I don't want to move to another website, this one is awesome... Come on :<

nimbostratus (Jan 15, 2016)

Thanks man, appreciate all your work :)

Tallyshizzle (Jan 14, 2016)

I need to keep track of my shows, come on man!

PippoInzaghi (Jan 13, 2016)


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