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30 Rock

30 Rock

Lemon (Tina Fey) is the head writer for a frenetic television variety show in New York City, The Girlie Show. Liz is living every writer's dream until she's thrown off track when a new network president Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) begins to interfere with the show and has Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), an unpredictable movie star, join the cast. Now, Liz has to manage the chaos and run a successful TV show so her dream can go on.

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aired Oct 12, 2006


champfleury (Dec 12, 2014)

Best comedy I have watched yet. Love nearly every single season!

AyeMeL (Mar 23, 2014)

Didn't see the hype for it, but it was way better than most garbage put out there.

kenneththepage (Mar 07, 2014)

my favourite show of all time. brilliantly clever and consistently laugh-out-loud funny. miss it forever

Dewdropmon (Nov 10, 2013)

I just finished this show. I'm so sad that it's over. Q^Q

az25 (Jan 26, 2013)

@drees14 Sadly, yes. in fact, there are only 2 episodes left now :( :(

drees14 (Jan 26, 2013)

Is this the last season? :(

Frantic (Dec 20, 2012)

Ok this is one of the few shows that actually got me laughing out loud the past year or so ( apart from the league ), really good stuff!

aniforprez (Dec 01, 2012)

this show is amazingly funny. i didn't find season 1 all that great but i'm very glad i kept watching. the writers do a great job almost every episode.

Gaia (Aug 01, 2012)

@TomF the Liz Lemon character is the one that kept me watching the show at the start. She's hilarious. And I love the play between Jack and her. @az25 is right though, Tracy gets a bit more bearable as the series goes on. I'm not a fan of his character either.

TomF (Aug 01, 2012)

@az25 Yeah, I'm almost done with the first season. I must admit that it's a show that grows on you. I don't think it's great yet, but for some reason I'm starting to enjoy it now. Tracy is a bit annoying and not funny, I hope you're right about that. I love Liz Lemon though, such a likeable character!

az25 (Aug 01, 2012)

@TomF I assume you started in season one. It gets better. Tina Fey (and the rest of the room) are really good writers. But then again, like I wrote below, if you don't like what they do (try and ignore Tracy early on, he gets better too), then you probably won't like it. But, especially the last season, this show has become progressively funnier and better.

@Gaia nice!

Gaia (Aug 01, 2012)

I've just recently started watching this series, and have to say it's quite good. There's been a couple meh episodes but otherwise it's been a strong series, IMO.

TomF (Jul 25, 2012)

Started watching this, but it's really mediocre if you ask me. And judging from the ratings, even the people who follow this think it's not great? I mean, look at the individual ratings for the episodes, almost all are relatively low.

TimothyVdp (May 10, 2012) -comedies-30-rock-community-and-parks-recreation

leonebachega (Apr 28, 2012)

@az25 I guess you're right. I don't think it's horrible or anything, just found it "nothing special".

az25 (Apr 20, 2012)

@leonebachega if you don't like it season one, then it's probably not your kind of show. the writers have been pretty consistently funny throughout. season 6 has been really great.

leonebachega (Apr 07, 2012)

At what point it starts to get good?

Jos (Jan 13, 2012)

"Contrary to previous chatter, if 30 Rock is renewed (which we predict as likely), Alec Baldwin will remain on the show."

One minute dance party!

kakature (Jan 08, 2012)

Nice, Baldwin not leaving the show :)

Cynz (Jan 04, 2012)

@BertDenolf Its not replacing Community. 30 Rock has been around for 6 seasons in that same time slot? They have no room for Community because NBC insists on keeping Whitney.

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