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leonebachega (Apr 21, 2012)

@az25 Yeah, me too. Good thing that on HIMYM it's so subtle that you can forget it!

az25 (Apr 20, 2012)

yeah dude, laugh tracks are the worst. aside from How I Met Your Mother, I now refuse to watch any sitcom with them.

gzrgz (Feb 26, 2012)

Well we had our Monty Python in the early 90s, sketch show called 'Za chwilę dalszy ciąg programu'. They did all kinds of comedy, mainly making fun of polish television at the time and people dealing with new political system. I ve no idea if humor is good for non-polish people, it's very often imrovised and delivered in peculiar way. Lucky there are some videos with subs (just past 'eng subs' and name of the show to youtube) I enjoy these ones: and last one not translated but with glimpses of physical comedy

leonebachega (Feb 24, 2012)

@gzrgz I found this website called that is a on-demand video thing, but so far it's only open as a beta for users of a specific cable provider. But they seem to have two whole seasons of Larica Total. I'll let you know when it's opened for the wide public. Now, for De Cara Limpa there's only this short clips on the offical website (

Sorry to hear that Poland seems to be suffering even harder than Brazil in terms of comedy! Still, there's something you can recomend, because maybe I'm luck and there's subtitles for them.


gzrgz (Feb 23, 2012)

Oi, you see i cant find subtitles for any of these shows and my portuguese is still poor. But i guess it will be good way to catch up with the language fast. 'Larica total' especially looks great, iam fan of 'come dine with me', regular culinary show, so if it is also funny it should be a bomb for me. Do you know where I can download it? The same goes with ‘de cara limpa’, two of them are only on youtube. For the sitcoms I have torrents. About them,you should be glad you got your own, here now we do only polish versions of everybody loves raymond, nanny (one tv station aired russian version too) and others god knows why. I would recommend something polish but I think bigger language barrier will occure.
And I can’t tell if the English is crappy, great text, thanks

leonebachega (Feb 13, 2012)

@Lemon Haha, thanks! Absolutely love this fine website of yours here!

Lemon (Feb 12, 2012)

Love the logo on your blog :)

leonebachega (Jan 06, 2012)

@gzrgz My other recomendation is Larica Total, a culinary show (again, bear with me!) presented by a in-character host. The premise of the show is to present easy-to-make recipes, what they call "guerrilla culinary". The host-character Paulo Tiefenthaler must be the best comedy character in Brazil ever, and both the script and the acting (with lots of good taste improvs) are amazingly funny.

Sorry for this awfully big text in crappy english, dude, I got a little carried away. I hope you can find subtitles for what interested you!

leonebachega (Jan 06, 2012)

@gzrgz There has been some attempts of sitcoms, but tt was only recently that some more memorable attempts have been made, even getting rid of laught tracks, with things like Os Normais (focusing on the married life of a couple), Os Aspones and S.O.S. Emergência (set in a hospital). There's also Cilada (written & starred by the son of Chico Anysio, Brazillian comedy giant and basically the perpetrator of this "catchphrase/zany characters" style of doing comedy in Brazil), which is heavily influenced by Seinfeld. All of them have their moments, but, at their best, they resemble an average US sitcom. I find they enjoyable, but nothing really amazing. There's a cable channel called Multishow that has been putting some money in making some series that I still haven't check it out, so, hopefully, the search for brazillian comedy gold continues...

Finally, what I really have to recommend in terms of recent brazillian comedy, are these two: the first is De Cara Limpa, starred by Fernando Caruso (son of great cartunist Chico Caruso - actually, comedy in Brazil really shines in print, through literature and comics, and Chico is one of the greats). De Cara Limpa is more of a reality show (but bear with me!), where Caruso goes to places where people tend to be bored, miserable or angry (like subway trains, bank waiting lines, buses, etc.) and does his best to cheer people up. There was LOTS of shows involving messing around with people in this country, but Caruso has this thing where he does in a totally tasteful way, as opposed to the "pranky" (is that a real word) nature of shows like that. His way of making people laugh is pretty positive, and he proves that humor absolutely is not based in the ridicule of others (which seems to be the mindset of a string of stand-up comedians that began to appear in the later-half of the 00's, most of the time celebrity-obssessed).

leonebachega (Jan 06, 2012)

@gzrgz There's not very much to recommend, I'm affraid... You see, TV in Brazil is not the most creative-fertille ground for comedy. It's not exactly bad, it's just tends to fall between mediocre and primitive - "primitive" = slapstick, puns and, most of all, catchphrases. And a obssession in targeting celebrities. It's like the worst characteristcs of Saturday Night Live... It's good to note that there has always been a huge number of great performers, many of them being able to do something worthwhile and funny with their mediocre scripts - most of the time, comic actors here are not exclusvely comedians, doing also drama in theatre, cinema and soap operas. But the material itself it's often very forgettable and aimed just to support cachtphrases.

One single old-timey exception that I know was "TV Pirata", a sketch show from 1988 that united a dream-team of comedy actors from that time. It apparently took it's cues from Monty Python's Flying Circus (there's even two sketches that are straight Flying Circus' sketches rip-offs!), having a tendency for nonsensical humor that was never done before in Brazil (and that no one else would ever try again). There's some dated material, like commercial parodies, and eventually would slip in the trap of recurring characters with catchphrases, which, together with some very lame song parodies, I blame the writers from the Casseta & Planeta troupe, that would later have their own sketch show with this traits. But it has some great performances, and, once again, you can at least count of the talent of the performers.

gzrgz (Jan 04, 2012)

Yes, that one! I also meant tv comedy which you are most proud of (from recent years)

leonebachega (Jan 04, 2012)

@gzrgz Same here, great taste you have!

Not sure if you're asking if I have a office in Brazil or if a brazillian version of The Office exists, but I'm going with the second one: there was something of a brazillian The Office, but it's not a official adaptation by any means, although many people seem to consider it so. It's more a rip-off, really. It was called "Os Aspones" (a slang for useless workers), and it was set on a governamental office were people worked, received paychecks, but the office itself served no purpose as it was supposed to be shut down but kept running thanks to bureacacy.

The premise was good, and so was the cast, but I only saw the pilot on the original run and didn't bothered to see the rest. The show felt to me to be just one of a series of very mediocre sitcoms that were coming out at a time in Brazil, lots of lame jokes. The show lasted about 6 episodes, due to low ratings.

I searched here and there's a torrent on p1ratebay with the complete series. Maybe I'll give a try to the rest, who knows... but this it's definitely not a The Office by any means, only the closest thing to it.

gzrgz (Jan 04, 2012)

thanks, i really like your shows. any brazilian office?

leonebachega (Oct 21, 2011)

@Tifiya Hola! Desculpa a demora, no hablo espanol (soy brasileiro), portanto, no sé donde puedes conseguir en español.

Tifiya (Sep 09, 2011)

hola! veo k tambien te gusta teen angel sabes si puedo conseguirla en español para verla?? gracias!!!

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