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The Legend of Korra Season 1

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Welcome to Republic City
134 votes
1x01 Welcome to Republic City aired Apr 15, 2012

Korra leaves the safety of her home and travels to bustling Republic City to begin her airbending training. Once ther... read more

A Leaf in the Wind
127 votes
1x02 A Leaf in the Wind aired Apr 15, 2012

Korra is living with her airbending teacher Tenzin on Air Temple Island. Frustrated with her inability to master airb... read more

The Revelation
123 votes
1x03 The Revelation aired Apr 22, 2012

Mako and Bolin look for ways to get the thirty thousand yuans needed to stay in the pro-bending tournament. Bolin acc... read more

The Voice in the Night
119 votes
1x04 The Voice in the Night aired Apr 29, 2012

Asami Sato crashes into Mako, eventually resulting in a date. Her father Hiroshi Sato agrees to sponsor the Fire Ferr... read more

The Spirit of Competition
120 votes
1x05 The Spirit of Competition aired May 06, 2012

The Pro-bending championships are about to start. However, differences between the Fire Ferrets threaten to end their... read more

And the Winner Is...
129 votes
1x06 And the Winner Is... aired May 13, 2012

Korra and the Fire Ferrets prepare for the pro-bending championship as a threat looms over the arena. read more

The Aftermath
126 votes
1x07 The Aftermath aired May 20, 2012

Korra begins to suspect that an ally is working for the Equalists. Mako and Bolin get a new home in the Sato estate d... read more

When Extremes Meet
130 votes
1x08 When Extremes Meet aired Jun 03, 2012

After Saikhan's appointment as Chief of the Metalbending Police Force, Tarrlok's control over the city strongly incre... read more

Out of the Past
138 votes
1x09 Out of the Past aired Jun 10, 2012

Korra tries to understand her visions while being confined in an unknown area; Tenzin and Lin Beifong search for Equa... read more

Turning the Tides
135 votes
1x10 Turning the Tides aired Jun 17, 2012

Korra works to recover from her time spent imprisoned by Tarrlok, but when she is interrupted by Republic City coming... read more

Skeletons in the Closet
134 votes
1x11 Skeletons in the Closet aired Jun 24, 2012

General Iroh, grandson of the now retired Fire Lord Zuko, joins in the war against the Equalists. Meanwhile the new T... read more

150 votes
1x12 Endgame aired Jun 24, 2012

Korra finally decides to take on Amon to reveal his true identity. read more


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