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Young & Hungry Season 1

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39 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Jun 26, 2014

Gabi, a feisty, young chef, has just landed an interview for her dream job – personal chef to tech millionaire Josh. Josh’s right hand man, Elliott, is not i... read more

Young & Ringless
35 votes
1x02 Young & Ringless aired Jul 03, 2014

Gabi is excited for her first official day as Josh's new chef, but her first assignment - to prepare an elaborate Chinese dinner for Josh's visiting investor... read more

Young & Lesbian
35 votes
1x03 Young & Lesbian aired Jul 10, 2014

Josh and Elliot are desperate to impress editor Logan Rawlings so that she will name Josh to an influential list in her magazine. But Logan is more taken wit... read more

Young & Pregnant
31 votes
1x04 Young & Pregnant aired Jul 17, 2014

While cooking an elaborate engagement celebration for Caroline and Josh, Gabi is horrified to realize she may have a bun in the oven. And things go from bad ... read more

Young & Younger
34 votes
1x05 Young & Younger aired Jul 24, 2014

Sofia encourages Gabi to start dating again in the hopes she’ll move on from Josh. But Josh takes an immediate dislike to Gabi’s new guy, Cam, leaving Gabi c... read more

Young & Punchy
31 votes
1x06 Young & Punchy aired Jul 31, 2014

Josh wants to hire computer genius Cooper Finley, but an awkward incident with Gabi leads Josh to punching Cooper rather than hiring him. Now Gabi is determi... read more

Young & Secret
29 votes
1x07 Young & Secret aired Aug 07, 2014

Hoping to keep their relationship a secret, Gabi convinces Cooper to pretend he already has a girlfriend – Sofia. But when Caroline and Sofia click, and the ... read more

Young & Car-Less
31 votes
1x08 Young & Car-Less aired Aug 14, 2014

When Gabi’s beloved car breaks down again, Josh sees it as an opportunity for her to drive something safer and takes it upon himself to replace the ancient v... read more

Young & Getting Played
32 votes
1x09 Young & Getting Played aired Aug 21, 2014

Yolanda’s son Derek has returned home nursing a broken heart, so Yolanda decides to set him up with Sofia, declaring Gabi too much of a mess for her son. But... read more

Young & Thirty (...and Getting Married!)
39 votes
1x10 Young & Thirty (...and Getting Married!) aired Aug 28, 2014

Josh and Caroline's wedding is unexpectedly moved up and everyone is freaking out for very different reasons.


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