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Young & Hungry Season 2

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Young & Too Late
34 votes
2x01 Young & Too Late aired Mar 26, 2015

Gabi is freaking out about why Josh called the wedding off and searches for a sign if she should be with him or Cooper, but it's Sofia who makes a surprising... read more

Young & Cookin'
30 votes
2x02 Young & Cookin' aired Apr 02, 2015

Gabi wonders if her job is in jeopardy when she learns Josh has a new woman in his life that loves to cook for him. When Josh doesn’t ask Gabi to be the chef... read more

Young & Munchies
31 votes
2x03 Young & Munchies aired Apr 09, 2015

Gabi and Sofia are discouraged that they haven't gotten as far in their careers as they would like, so they decide to take action. Gabi's plan involves reach... read more

Young & Old
29 votes
2x04 Young & Old aired Apr 16, 2015

When Gabi hears its Elliot's 40th birthday, she's determined to make it special for him and his boyfriend Andre. But Gabi's plans end up causing problems bet... read more

Young & First Time
31 votes
2x05 Young & First Time aired Apr 23, 2015

Gabi is excited by an upcoming visit from Cooper, especially since they’re about to take their relationship to the next level. But then Cooper accidentally f... read more

Young & Moving
28 votes
2x06 Young & Moving aired Apr 30, 2015

Gabi and Sofia are thrilled when a larger apartment opens up across the hall. Determined to get a jump on the competition, they hatch a plan when their landl... read more

Young & Ferris Wheel
27 votes
2x07 Young & Ferris Wheel aired May 07, 2015

When Josh is looking for a special gift for Shauna, Gabi thinks she has a great idea and goes behind Josh's back to make it happen. But Gabi is horrified whe... read more

Young & Sandwich
32 votes
2x08 Young & Sandwich aired May 14, 2015

Tired of Sofia being too picky when it comes to her love life, Gabi secretly sets her up with an online dating profile in the hopes of finding her a boyfrien... read more

Young & Pretty Woman
33 votes
2x09 Young & Pretty Woman aired May 21, 2015

Just when Cooper has moved back from China to be with Gabi, Josh decides he needs to confess something to her. Meanwhile, Elliot's boyfriend, Alan, delivers ... read more

Young & Part Two
32 votes
2x10 Young & Part Two aired May 28, 2015

Gabi is confused after some long-held secrets come tumbling out. While trying to figure out her next move, she is presented with an amazing opportunity that ... read more

Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back
32 votes
2x11 Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back aired Aug 20, 2015

Gabi has returned from her internship in Switzerland and is anxious to face Josh after how things were left between them. But Josh insists he's fine and enco... read more

Young & Back to Normal
28 votes
2x12 Young & Back to Normal aired Aug 27, 2015

Gabi is reluctant to date a cute guy until she sets Josh up with a neighbor; Elliott recruits Yolanda for "Drag Queen Bingo."

Young & Unemployed
28 votes
2x13 Young & Unemployed aired Sep 03, 2015

Gabi tries to land unemployed Sophia an internship with Josh, then must keep her busy and out of the way when the plan falls through; Elliot's mother mistake... read more

Young & Oh, Brother
28 votes
2x14 Young & Oh, Brother aired Sep 10, 2015

Sofia's brother Benji arrives in San Francisco, and he's a far cry from the little kid Gabi remembers. Immediately attracted to the grown-up version, Gabi is... read more

Young & Earthquake
28 votes
2x15 Young & Earthquake aired Sep 17, 2015

Sofia is depressed about her lack of job prospects, so Gabi takes her to a psychic to get a better idea of what the future holds. Sofia has serious doubts ab... read more

Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back
awaiting 10 votes
2x16 Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back aired Sep 24, 2015

Gabi is determined to keep Sofia from moving back to Florida so she arranges a spa day at a fancy hotel, courtesy of Josh's charity swag bag. But when Sofia ... read more

Young & Trashy
awaiting 10 votes
2x17 Young & Trashy aired Sep 24, 2015

Josh is about to release his first new app in a year and he's freaking out about such an important moment in his career. Elliot and Yolanda have some creativ... read more

Young & Doppelgänger
awaiting 10 votes
2x18 Young & Doppelgänger aired Oct 01, 2015

It's Gay Pride in San Francisco, and since they have a perfect view of the parade route, Gabi gets the brilliant idea to sublet their apartment for the weeke... read more

Young & Younger Brother (1)
awaiting 10 votes
2x19 Young & Younger Brother (1) aired Oct 15, 2015

Elliot and Alan's wedding is right around the corner, and despite Elliot's misgivings, the couple asks Gabi to make some whimsical appetizers for their speci... read more

Young & Younger Brother (2)
awaiting 10 votes
2x20 Young & Younger Brother (2) aired Oct 15, 2015

Gabi is thrilled that Jake bought her a food truck and refuses to let Josh's doubts about their lack of a business plan discourage her. When it turns out tha... read more

awaiting 10 votes
2x21 Christmas Special airdate unknown

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