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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted (Josh Radnor) and how he fell in love. When Ted's best friend, Marshall (Jason Segal, Freaks and Geeks), decides to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lily (Alyson Hannigan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Ted realizes that time may be running out on finding the love of his life. His friend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser MD) is the anti-Marshall, a guy who thinks he knows everything about meeting women and isn't afraid to tell you.

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aired Sep 20, 2005


az25 (Apr 01, 2014)

I think spending 22 episodes with Barney/Robin's wedding, SHOW SPOILER

But, again. This show has always revolved around Ted/Robin, and has ALWAYS been a romantic comedy in long-form, and if you hadn't realized that, you did indeed waste 9 years of your life.

az25 (Apr 01, 2014)

I'm completely confused by the negative reaction to the finale. It gave me everything that I needed. I don't understand, what is it you were looking for? I go into shows, even ones I love, with a clear mind not expecting them to do anything, but to let them do what they do without any pre-conceived notions of what might happen.. and if you did that, this finale should have been satisfying, if not that great, though it definitely wasn't perfect, and was pretty disappointing at times.

The time-jumps were easily my favourite thing. I'm so glad they gave us a little glimpse into what they were doing at various points in the future. It's easily the most interesting thing they've done with the show for the last 2 seasons. This isn't the Dexter finale, or final season. This is a network show that had to adhere to 22+ episodes a season. That's an incredibly strenous schedule to write 22 perfect episodes (only show that comes close is THE GOOD WIFE), that fit within the overall story, yet can stand on their own. Which is why HIMYM has "an excuse", unlike Dexter.

Now, the rage about the Robyn storyline. You've been watching this show for 9 years, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR, we've gone back to Ted and Robin, in some various form, whether it's them getting back together, or finding love in friendship, and even this year, finding the damn locket. I seriously don't understand how that could be where you draw the line.


Rentacles (Apr 01, 2014)

Fucking awful finale. I can't believe they still wouldn't let the Ted/Robin storyline go.

MrBouwmeester (Apr 01, 2014)

Well, that was one of the worst things i've ever seen.

Rili (Apr 01, 2014)

this finale can only be April fools!!!!

vinexje (Apr 01, 2014)

@killmotion over react much?

Lenalee (Apr 01, 2014)

What a terrible finale. I'm so disappointed.

b0sse (Apr 01, 2014)

Dat ending. Kinda unexpected.

killmotion (Apr 01, 2014)

Awful finale. If you're thinking about watching it, don't. I wasted 9 years on it. Here I thought they'd wrap it up and give happy sendoff and all we got was a slap in the face.

rorypondicus (Apr 01, 2014)


jmxd (Mar 05, 2014)
ryano1076 (Mar 05, 2014)

@jmxd Do you mean "skip"? I don't see any ignore button.. Anyway, I had just skipped those two eps and it took them off my feed

fei (Mar 04, 2014)

@jmxd I have been looking for that ignore toggle but couldn't find it, thanks for confirming its existence! I had "fixed" it by lying and setting the extra episodes as "seen" but I think I'll go with the ignore function, it feels... more right :D

jmxd (Mar 04, 2014)

@ames811 @ryano1076 @fei I 'fixed' it by going to the episodes tab above and toggling ignore for the duplicate episodes. At least now they don't show up in my show list anymore.

ames811 (Mar 01, 2014)

Yes I notice this too. I thought something is wrong with my schedule, making me have to unfollow and follow again

ryano1076 (Feb 27, 2014)

@fei Yes, how can they not notice this? Esp for show as popular as this..

fei (Feb 19, 2014)

I see the missing episodes have been auto-added but someone needs to manually remove the duplicate episodes that have been created :(

jmxd (Feb 07, 2014)

@fei same here bro :( wish there was a button on here to do a forced update, on a cooldown of course.

fei (Feb 07, 2014)

The incorrect episodes order here on fmtv is really messing with my OCD, someone please correct it asap >__<

NadTV (Feb 05, 2014)

@smiTTe tks!

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