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The new data importer has been deployed

By Lemon - Nov 03, 2015

Dear Amazing Loyal Users,

I'm happy to announce that we just deployed an update to the website. We've deployed our new data importer which is using as a datasource instead of the dead This is a limited implementation and we did not move the full importer feature set to thetvdb because their API has some limitations.

Going forward, we realized that we no longer want to rely on an external API source for our data. We always thought "We are going to do our own data once our community is big enough", and I believe we are close to that minimum community size.

With that in mind, we are shifting our effort in for the new version towards community tools for open sourcing the entire data set of In the future we will combine the awesomeness that is our users, and develop our own data without an external API.

As usual, since we just deployed experimental code to production, feel free to email us if you encounter any strange data related bugs.


goodplastic (Nov 05, 2015)


TylerLovekeeper (Nov 05, 2015)

@John81 I did the same, i migrated my info over, and sat and waited for followmy to get their shit together lol.

im glad they were able to get everything working again :)

John81 (Nov 05, 2015)

It was well worth the wait. Thank You. I have to admit tho, I did use the maze migration tool. Never actually used the site, but I was this close to give up on You. Im happy I waited.

BPol (Nov 05, 2015)

Thank god you're back! And I look forward to helping crowd source episode information so you and we aren't at the whims of external sites.

visualidad (Nov 05, 2015)


nimbostratus (Nov 04, 2015)

So glad you're back! Sorry I couldn't make a bigger donation, really appreciate all the work you put into this website :)

Argia88 (Nov 04, 2015)

you guys rock!

Baltimore (Nov 04, 2015)

Thank youuu, goddamnit I was so mad but I love you, please make this work, I am so glad I don't have to leave, that was torture

Lemon (Nov 04, 2015)

I'm working on a feature that will make it easier to report TV shows that are not yet connected to

jeffaustin90 (Nov 04, 2015)

@Lemon Is this site going to add the new episodes of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown? doesn't seem to have them.

TheSimplier (Nov 04, 2015)

Amazing work! Finally I can get control of my TV Series again :P

PippoInzaghi (Nov 04, 2015)

@Lemon Thuis en Voetbal Inside ook nog niet geüpdatet.

colorblind90 (Nov 04, 2015)


kesin (Nov 04, 2015)

Thank you!!

martinyfelix (Nov 04, 2015)

A few shows that hasn't been updated yet:
Kevin from work is missing the last 2 eps
Boy Meets Girls is missing the last one
It would be awesome to have a way to edit shows yourself. I always noticed that they were a bunch missing pictures and synopses.

microkid (Nov 04, 2015)

Liv & Maddie hasn't been updated yet :)

Alpende (Nov 04, 2015)

Thank you! Great work guys.

Sandrosaurus (Nov 04, 2015)

Some titles are stil missing or just have TBD on it. Why not connect to more sites like TVMaze?

Boyko (Nov 04, 2015)

Thank guys, you're awesome!

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