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In Firefly, a highly underrated science fiction/western hybrid, Joss Whedon manages to create an interesting, thrilling, and often deep, series packaged with bold statements, character depth, compelling plots and typical Whedonesque wit. Firefly is set five hundred years in the future, within a solar system controlled by the central government, The Alliance. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), who was involved in the war against The Alliance, leads the crew of his firefly-class ship, Serenity, on a journey with no destination. Always moving and trying their best to steer clear of The Alliance, Mal and his team do all that they can to survive, picking up passengers and often taking on shady jobs from even shadier people. When one of Serenity's passengers is discovered as a fugitive running from The Alliance, things get slightly more complicated for the crew of Serenity - a crew with a dynamic that renders Firefly as a highly enjoyable series.

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aired Sep 21, 2002


sammyhunt (Jun 09, 2015)

Just wondering why the movie isn't part of the episode list. I looked at the series page of 24, and its movie is listed under the specials, so I thought Serenity would be too, but it's not. Anyone know how to request an episode be added?

CosmicBeing (May 30, 2015)

I think the billions of dollars spent on producing lower quality shows instead of like atleast 10 seasons of Firefly or solving some of the global problems or funding scientific research etc was a dick move by the corporate media elites.

larske (Jul 28, 2014)

Firefly Online incoming <3

Lemon (Sep 08, 2013)

@AHatFullOFSky Because FOX is evil

AHatFullOFSky (Mar 14, 2013)

Why can't we have Firefly back? Why? WHY?!

MarinaB (Mar 02, 2013)

Firefly is good... but Serenity is brilliant.

josbeir (Dec 01, 2012)

It's peculiar that this show is in our top rated shows list of all time at #6 .. yet it was canceled after 15 episodes damn it... on of the worst fuck-ups in show canceling history.

pfr77 (Oct 20, 2012)

why why why why why whyw hwyw whwywyy whyy wwwwhhhyyyyy

josbeir (Jul 16, 2012)

@Lemon quite funny, great to see the group together

Lemon (Jul 16, 2012)
lecisko (Jun 24, 2012)

When I saw the last episode and knew it is the last... I almost cried :( It is the best scifi tv series for me.

MrKoops (May 21, 2012)

Best Sci-Fi TV-Show ever made. Period.

Funzleshpons (Dec 14, 2011)

Now I get why everyone is so angry the show got cancelled. Topped my previous best sci-fi show Battlestar Galatica almost without competition. Really hope the followup movie closes up the series...

jbaeten (Dec 02, 2011)

Best ... show ... ever

digibron (Sep 02, 2011)

I saw all of Firefly several years ago, think it's time for a rewatch!

Jakurdo (Jul 17, 2011)

Finally watched every episode and the followup movie "Serenity". Amazing stuff, they should totally reboot this show! (not saying anything new there, I think ;))

Jakurdo (Jul 07, 2011)

@ColeFrost I´m watching them in the DVD order, figuring that would be the right one. This site, which takes its information from tvrage, just lists them according to their original airdate (and a couple of episodes weren't even aired originally)

While some episodes are interchangeable, a single episode has a single storyline that doesn't really affect any other episodes, other episodes do have an impact on the overall storyline and a place in the chronology of the show (like the double episode Serenity, which is the first episode).

I just watched the episode called Jaynestown, which was a shining example how this show masterfully mixes action, comedy and tragedy, and does so within a very unique setting. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes tv shows.

ColeFrost (Jul 07, 2011)


The DVD order, which is probably where most people ended up seeing it (One of the top selling DVDs for many years), is correct. I believe that they air it in order on TV and if you get it from other sources it should be in order as well.

TVRage and most other places only list in original airdate order, which is stupid. Here is a list of the correct order.

As for the movie, I think many people don't even know it exists. I hope they all get a chance to watch it.

oranges (Jul 07, 2011)

@Jakurdo It's great to see people newly discover great things :) "very funny action packed space western" ought to be included in the summary somewhere! Quite succinct.

4.4 / 155 votes sums it all up though, doesn't it?

Jakurdo (Jul 07, 2011)

Watching this show now for the first time. Kinda annoying how the episode were orignally aired out of order. Kind of a nuisance when you want to follow it here.

Other than that though, after watching a couple of episodes I consider myself a fan of this show. Very funny action packed space western. I am already sad they only got to make 14 episodes.

@ColeFrost: Considering it's a sequel to the series, I'll be sure to watch it right after I finish the show.

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  • Premiered Sep 20, 2002
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  • Network FOX
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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