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theRecommender (Jan 07, 2015)

Hi there dannys717,
I am the Recommender and I have analyzed the viewing habits of all the followmy.tv users. Now I am able to give you recommendations matching the series you love and follow.

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If you want to recieve new recommendations on a monthly basis you should add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

Lenalee (Oct 19, 2014)

Hi. I was just looking through some profiles and then I found yours and I really liked it so I've decided to send you a request - thanks for accepting btw.

dannys717 (Apr 12, 2013)

So I got a chance to screen the ABC pilot "Betrayal" today for Nielsen and I did a little write-up about it on gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/225-television-broadcast-tv/65939223). It's definitely a show to avoid if it gets to air, but it was a fun experience.

dannys717 (Mar 26, 2013)

@Zelos I go to UPenn. I know that he did All New People, a play he wrote, in New York and London last year. He also was in the recent Oz movie. He told us that he wrote the successor to Garden State with his brother and they're just looking to find someone to fund it, and that he was looking at Anna Kendrick as the lead. He also told us about the pilot he wrote for ABC about a group of friends who hangs out in a music dive bar, but that ABC didn't order the pilot to be produced.

One of the greatest things was that he's really funny so all his stories were hilarious. "All I did in 4 years of college was make student films and try to have sex." "When I first met Tracy Morgan, I was with Sarah Chalke and the first thing he said to her, 'I'd love to put a baby inside you.'"

Zelos (Mar 26, 2013)

@dannys717 So fucking jealous. What school do you go to? Honestly I'm not even sure what Zach Braff's done since Scrubs haha but obviously I love him on Scrubs so I would have killed to have been there.

dannys717 (Mar 26, 2013)

I just came back from a 2 hour discussion and Q&A that Zach Braff gave at my school. He talked a lot about Garden State, Scrubs, and gave a bunch of anecdotes about the process of screenwriting. It was really fucking awesome and only cost $5. It's times like this that I really love my school.

DJMcSkillet (Dec 26, 2012)

Thanks pal. Hope you had a very happy Hanukkah. I got Carnivale on DVD and the first season of Homeland on Blu Ray.

Excitebike (Dec 26, 2012)

Thanks, it was definitely a great Christmas. I hope everyone else had a great holiday as well. I didn't get anything tv related, but I did get the complete series of The Shield for my dad.

TedLogan (Dec 26, 2012)

@dannys717 aw you guys. Happy holidays to all of you as well. Hopefully you all got some nice TV related gifts. I personally can't wait to read Sepinwall's book.

Renegade412 (Dec 26, 2012)

@dannys717 gracias, I am still in Costa Rica doing epicly stupid things. already have an amazing Christmas story from last night/ this morning, hoping to have another one

yoryan (Dec 25, 2012)

@dannys717 Well that was very nice. Hope you have a happy holiday too.

Flashman (Dec 25, 2012)

@dannys717 Hey, thanks man, hope you're having a great holiday.

dannys717 (Dec 25, 2012)

@Excitebike @Bmvc1 @Renegade412 @yoryan @remnant @HansDavidson @likwidsolutions @DoctorHair @Modan @TedLogan @naz89 @therodfather @DarkReality @Zelos @Yorsahj @VengefulKBM @goldenhearted @Majiel @DJMcSkillet @Flashman @chrisisawesome @DarkSamus92 @dragon504

Hey everybody. Just wanted to wish everybody a happy Christmas and hope you're all enjoying the time with your family. Or if you're like me, hope you had a nice Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate and enjoy the Chinese food and movies tomorrow. So have a nice holiday everybody!

yoryan (Dec 06, 2012)

@dannys717 Oh ok I feared the site was messed up for me.

dannys717 (Dec 06, 2012)

@yoryan Yeah, I do bulk check sometimes when I recall a show I watched and wonder if I'd checked it on here yet. I happened to notice The Jeff Dunham Show on Netflix and it was a show that I completely forgot about, but I had watched it when it aired a couple years ago. I have finals coming up so feel free to pass me while I have little time to watch tv for the next 2 weeks.

yoryan (Dec 06, 2012)

How come every time I pass you in time wasted about 10 minutes later I get bumped down again? Are you watching shows and bulk checking them or is the site glitching on me? I only ask because this is like the 4th time it's happened and the site has been known to glitch for me.

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