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The new data importer has been deployed

By Lemon - Nov 03, 2015

Dear Amazing Loyal Users,

I'm happy to announce that we just deployed an update to the website. We've deployed our new data importer which is using as a datasource instead of the dead This is a limited implementation and we did not move the full importer feature set to thetvdb because their API has some limitations.

Going forward, we realized that we no longer want to rely on an external API source for our data. We always thought "We are going to do our own data once our community is big enough", and I believe we are close to that minimum community size.

With that in mind, we are shifting our effort in for the new version towards community tools for open sourcing the entire data set of In the future we will combine the awesomeness that is our users, and develop our own data without an external API.

As usual, since we just deployed experimental code to production, feel free to email us if you encounter any strange data related bugs.


GiadaS (Jun 15, 2016)

GEORDIE SHORE BIG BIRTHDAY BATTLE has ALREADY started but it's not on your DB!!!!!!

BertDenolf (Dec 01, 2015)


A lot of shows are messed up again. Comes to my mind: Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Modern Family. What's wrong?

jeffaustin90 (Dec 01, 2015)

Gotham needs to be updated, there was an episode on TV last night that doesn't show up at all on Followmy.TV.

tiagoh (Dec 01, 2015)

pretty messed up once again...

Tallyshizzle (Dec 01, 2015)

Many thanks!

PippoInzaghi (Dec 01, 2015)

Updates gewenst voor Thuis (256154) , De Recherche (288416), Bevergem (301366), Voetbal Inside (299425). Thanks

Tallyshizzle (Nov 30, 2015)

Do you have the link to connect my shows to the Tvmaze-site? I can't find it anymore.

ForgotMyLines (Nov 29, 2015)

Still no "TFI Friday" updates.
Still no "Jamie's Super Food" updates.
Still no "The Hunt" mini series.
No "Match of the day" updates.
No "Football Focus" updates
Still no detective series "Unforgotten" added.
Please add "Hugh's War On Waste" (2 part series)
Please add detective series "River"
"Doctor Foster" only has 3 episodes added, there were 5 episodes in Series 1.

asmirp (Nov 26, 2015)

Its still pretty much messed up. Shows in calendar on days when they are not airing and vice versa. I think I will stick to TV Maze until its sorted out, as I need a reliable source of information, and FMTV has not been that for a while now. Just my constructive feedback.

Ken1992 (Nov 26, 2015)

Arrow, AHS didn't have an episode on last night.
Please change the name of You, me and the end of the world into You, me and the Apocalypse

microkid (Nov 26, 2015)

Lots of shows missing airdates, even though there are dates on thetvdb ... :)

jeffaustin90 (Nov 25, 2015)

Also The Muppets didn't have an episode on last night but Followmy.TV says it did.

goessaertN (Nov 25, 2015)

there's no flash, agents of shield, arrow... this week, but the site says it aired?

microkid (Nov 23, 2015)

Yeah, lot's of shows has just "TBD" as episode names, and no airdates, even though there are episode names and dates on thetvdb ...

reroach (Nov 23, 2015)

"Family Guy" episode dates and names do not match what is shown on

bubonicfred (Nov 22, 2015)

@Lemon Airdates for The Man in The High Castle aren't all showing

Amberfool (Nov 20, 2015)

Jessica Jones isn't updated properly. Episode titles aren't all correct and they show the wrong air date

Pogo (Nov 19, 2015)

New show Versailles (2015) :
Thx :)

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