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Small update on current development status

By Lemon - Dec 02, 2015

to @all: I'm still thinking about all of this. I get a flood of 50+ messages each week with comments like "show x is not up to date". If I would fix all of those every day, I would not have time to actually code a fix for the rest.

I started work on the contribution system where our user base can self moderate the data. Including adding new shows / episodes. TheTVDB was a temporary fix for a bigger problem, its not a permanent fix and was never intended to be. It is an intermediate to get at least the most popular shows back up to date with episode numbers and titles.

Currently I'm swamped in a project at work that require me to work late nights for the last couple of weeks. Once we are passed the deadline I will be able to get back on track with fmtv development.


PippoInzaghi (Jun 27, 2016)

Any update?

Baltimore (Mar 22, 2016)

Could you please add the episodes from "Thirteen" ? I think 4 episodes already aired.

Lemon (Feb 16, 2016)

@Amberfool Blog post incoming soon :)

Amberfool (Feb 16, 2016)

Looks like something's been fixed, all the shows that weren't showing episode titles or the right air dates have been updated correctly. Thanks!

ForgotMyLines (Feb 15, 2016)

@Hush564 I find Letterboxd a little un-flow-ie.... as well, I've now used it a year or so, and still it doesn't feel really smooth. I have however found a lot of great films to watch, via it. Got a great section where you can search films by popularity, release date, genre. So it's good for finding what hot and hyped films have been announced for future years. Plus also you can rate, write reviews, read others and create a vast "Watchlist"

Hush564 (Feb 15, 2016)

@ForgotMyLines I've not heard of Letterboxd but I have of IMDb. I have an IMDb account but it didn't... flow well and for a popular site it doesn't seem well laid out but that's probably my personal aesthetics getting in the way lol.. but thank you for the recommendations! I will look into Letterboxd. :)

sparklebiscuit (Feb 14, 2016)

I hope this site gets updated soon. I tried trakt and it's just too overwhelming, filled with features I don't care about. I absolutely adore followmytv for its simplicity. It'd be a shame to see this website die after many of years of using it.

Lemon (Feb 08, 2016)

Work life has been crazy, should be able to find some time for dev soon :)

PippoInzaghi (Feb 08, 2016)

I'll never leave. I will die with this site.

girlicioussss (Feb 07, 2016)

Please update this website, I don't want to go to tvmaze, followmytv is the best! :(

Adele (Feb 05, 2016)

They wrote this on the fb page the 27th of january..."We currently have a "patch" installed, but we're working towards a final fix ( a contribution system ). We want this to work 100% (as it should) and that's why it's taking time.
We rather have a clean solution then a quick and dirty fix. We hope everyone understands! :)" ...let's hope!!

harrrr (Feb 04, 2016)


zuzik007 (Feb 03, 2016)

I miss the days of this site working properly :(

ForgotMyLines (Jan 31, 2016)

@Hush564 "Letterboxd" and "IMDb" are the 2 I use for movies. Letterboxd is just for movies, and I find it very good. I'm sure you know about IMDb used for both films and TV.

Hush564 (Jan 28, 2016)

aside from a few shows not being up to date this has been good so far :) I just wish movies could be included as well... but I know that would be a lot of extra work.. I don't want to have to find a 4th site for movie tracking :( there are so many movies that I want to watch it's hard to keep up with XD but I guess when I'm trying to update TV, books, anime, and manga... it can all be a bit fuzzy ^^"

Anyhoo, keep up the good work! Maybe this will evolve :) It's already very smooth...
(also, Tubeplus works so great with this!)

ForgotMyLines (Jan 28, 2016)

@jaehyo Every other site that these shows.

Saxo (Jan 27, 2016)

@FireFlow @Janp Yep I've been using TVMaze again for a few weeks now, I kept my profile there up to date just incase even when FMTV was working.

PippoInzaghi (Jan 25, 2016)

Tvrage is back, so why not using their database like in the old days, just temporarily? In that way we can update all the shows and add new ones.

FireFlow (Jan 24, 2016)

I hoped to see fmtv work again, but it seems it won't be anytime soon.
I imported my shows at Tvmaze in november, and maybe I will redo it now, and stay there. I don't know if the importer is still up and running, but for those that are interested :

*Edit* : Just saw the message from @janp. Yes, please do make it available again.

It's a shame, I was used to FmTv, and it was great. Tvmaze, and all the other site I tried are not as good and clear.

I saw some people here talking about migrating to Tvshowtime, but before you do that, you should know that the owners hacked an other site to steal there users a while ago, and for me that seems they are willing to do anything to grow, and you can't trust them on what they do of your data (from the app and the site), and their morality is questionnable. It's up to you.

Ken1992 (Jan 24, 2016)

This is just unprofessional!!! Is it so difficult to give a small update? It takes 5 seconds to let us know what the current status is ...

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