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South Park Season 10

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The Return of Chef
15 votes
10x01 The Return of Chef aired Mar 23, 2006

Chef returns to South Park and the whole town is excited. The boys notice there is something odd about him, and they ... read more

Smug Alert
15 votes
10x02 Smug Alert aired Mar 30, 2006

Kyle's dad buys a new hybrid car. This makes him feel smug, and he moves his family to San Francisco because people i... read more

Cartoon Wars (1)
19 votes
10x03 Cartoon Wars (1) aired Apr 06, 2006

Cartman and Kyle argue over the popular cartoon, [show=6149]Family Guy[/show]. Kyle loves the show, but Cartman hates... read more

Cartoon Wars (2)
18 votes
10x04 Cartoon Wars (2) aired Apr 13, 2006

Cartman reaches [show=6149]Family Guy[/show] studios first and learns the writers' secrets, and how to stop them. Kyl... read more

A Million Little Fibers
16 votes
10x05 A Million Little Fibers aired Apr 20, 2006

Towelie tries to get his life in order and writes a book about his drug addiction. His book is endorsed by Oprah, whi... read more

16 votes
10x06 Manbearpig aired Apr 27, 2006

When the boys get mixed up with Al Gore's ManBearPig hunt, they become trapped in the Cave of Winds. While stuck insi... read more

23 votes
10x07 Tsst aired May 04, 2006

Cartman's mom decides he's just too much to handle, so she hires a couple of television nannies to improve his behavi... read more

Make Love, Not Warcraft
27 votes
10x08 Make Love, Not Warcraft aired Oct 05, 2006

When an evil gamer begins to kill all the characters in World of Warcraft, the boys decide to join forces to take him... read more

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
23 votes
10x09 Mystery of the Urinal Deuce aired Oct 12, 2006

Cartman is convinced that there is a conspiracy behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, so he sets off to find t... read more

Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
19 votes
10x10 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy aired Oct 19, 2006

Ike and his kindergarten teacher are having an affair, and Kyle is angry that no one seems interested in punishing th... read more

Hell on Earth 2006
17 votes
10x11 Hell on Earth 2006 aired Oct 26, 2006

It's nearly Halloween, and Satan decides he must throw the most amazing party ever seen. Satan's grandiose plans incl... read more

Go God Go (1)
16 votes
10x12 Go God Go (1) aired Nov 02, 2006

Ms. Garrison is upset when she is required to teach the theory of evolution to her class, but when she is replaced by... read more

Go God Go XII (2)
17 votes
10x13 Go God Go XII (2) aired Nov 09, 2006

Cartman is furious when his saviors in the future can't hook up the Nintendo Wii for him to play, so he makes a few p... read more

Stanley's Cup
16 votes
10x14 Stanley's Cup aired Nov 16, 2006

Stan finds himself in a bit of financial trouble when his bicycle is impounded, and has to take a job coaching Pee-We... read more


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