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South Park Season 11

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With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
13 votes
11x01 With Apologies to Jesse Jackson aired Mar 08, 2007

When Randy utters a racial slur on national television, it not only causes him to be shunned by society, it also stra... read more

Cartman Sucks
16 votes
11x02 Cartman Sucks aired Mar 15, 2007

Cartman tries to fix a prank he pulled on Butters but it only makes things worse for both of them. Butters' parents s... read more

Lice Capades
17 votes
11x03 Lice Capades aired Mar 22, 2007

A South Park Elementary student is infested with head lice. The students want to know the name of the kid with the co... read more

The Snuke
13 votes
11x04 The Snuke aired Mar 29, 2007

When a new Islamic student joins the class, Cartman immediately assumes he's a terrorist. Putting together the pieces... read more

Fantastic Easter Special
12 votes
11x05 Fantastic Easter Special aired Apr 05, 2007

When Stan questions the relationship between Easter Eggs, rabbits, Christ's death and resurrection, he finds himself ... read more

12 votes
11x06 D-Yikes! aired Apr 12, 2007

After another failed relationship, Ms. Garrison takes out her frustration and anger at men on her fourth grade studen... read more

Night of the Living Homeless
14 votes
11x07 Night of the Living Homeless aired Apr 19, 2007

What starts with one bum asking for change, quickly becomes an infestation of the homeless all over South Park. The a... read more

Le Petit Tourette
18 votes
11x08 Le Petit Tourette aired Oct 04, 2007

After encountering another boy with Tourette's syndrome, Cartman fakes having the neurological disorder so he can say... read more

More Crap
20 votes
11x09 More Crap aired Oct 11, 2007

After a three-week constipation nightmare, Randy Marsh lets loose the biggest crap he's ever seen. He becomes a home-... read more

Imaginationland: Episode I
18 votes
11x10 Imaginationland: Episode I aired Oct 18, 2007

It all begins when Cartman sees a leprechaun. Determined to prove Kyle wrong about their existence, and to capitalize... read more

Imaginationland: Episode II
17 votes
11x11 Imaginationland: Episode II aired Oct 25, 2007

As the horrors of Imaginationland run rampant, Stan and Kyle are taken deep into the Pentagon where they learn more o... read more

Imaginationland: Episode III
16 votes
11x12 Imaginationland: Episode III aired Nov 01, 2007

The thrilling conclusion to the Imaginationland Trilogy sees Butters embracing his role as the chosen one. As the evi... read more

Guitar Queer-o
15 votes
11x13 Guitar Queer-o aired Nov 08, 2007

Stan and Kyle are great Guitar Hero partners, eventually hitting it big and becoming rock stars. But as it becomes cl... read more

The List
16 votes
11x14 The List aired Nov 15, 2007

When the boys discover the girls in their class have made a secret list that rates all of them from cutest to ugliest... read more


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