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South Park Season 13

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The Ring
35 votes
13x01 The Ring aired Mar 12, 2009

Kenny takes his promiscuous new girlfriend, Tammy, to a Jonas Brothers concert with hopes of receiving oral sex from ... read more

The Coon
31 votes
13x02 The Coon aired Mar 19, 2009

Cartman poses as a superhero vigilante, "The Coon", who grows increasingly jealous of the popularity and success of a... read more

48 votes
13x03 Margaritaville aired Mar 26, 2009

Randy tries to teach Stan how to save money by making him deposit a $100 check in the bank. Within seconds, it is los... read more

Eat, Pray, Queef
41 votes
13x04 Eat, Pray, Queef aired Apr 02, 2009

The boys are angered when their favorite television show, Terrance and Phillip, is preempted by a new program, The Qu... read more

45 votes
13x05 Fishsticks aired Apr 09, 2009

Jimmy is working on his comedy routine and decides to team up with Cartman. They eventually strike gold with a new jo... read more

Pinewood Derby
30 votes
13x06 Pinewood Derby aired Apr 16, 2009

Randy is determined that Stan will win this year's Pinewood Derby. He comes up with a plan that will assure Stan a fi... read more

32 votes
13x07 Fatbeard aired Apr 23, 2009

Butters and a small group of recruits join Cartman in his dream of living on Skull Island where they will frolic in c... read more

Dead Celebrities
31 votes
13x08 Dead Celebrities aired Oct 08, 2009

Constantly tormented by the ghosts of dead celebrities, Ike is stressed and has become increasingly ill. His brother ... read more

Butters' Bottom Bitch
46 votes
13x09 Butters' Bottom Bitch aired Oct 15, 2009

The boys learn a girl in school named Sally Darson charges $5 for a kiss. Having never been kissed himself, Butters' ... read more

32 votes
13x10 W.T.F. aired Oct 22, 2009

The boys have found their new calling in life and they hurry to sign up for the wrestling club. They soon find out th... read more

Whale Whores
31 votes
13x11 Whale Whores aired Oct 29, 2009

Stan and his family are spending his birthday at the Denver Aquarium where they will get to swim with the dolphins. T... read more

The F Word
33 votes
13x12 The F Word aired Nov 05, 2009

Everyone agrees they've had enough of the loud and obnoxious bikers that have arrived in South Park. The boys are tak... read more

Dances With Smurfs
33 votes
13x13 Dances With Smurfs aired Nov 12, 2009

Eric Cartman seizes the opportunity to become the voice of change at the school when he takes over the morning announ... read more

34 votes
13x14 Pee aired Nov 19, 2009

Things at the water park are not what they seem. The boy’s fun filled day is about to turn deadly. Events are in play... read more


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