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South Park Season 9

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Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina
16 votes
9x01 Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina aired Mar 10, 2005

Mr. Garrison feels like a woman trapped in a man's body, so he gets a sex-change operation, but Mr. Slave doesn't lik... read more

Die Hippie, Die
14 votes
9x02 Die Hippie, Die aired Mar 17, 2005

Cartman finally decides to rid the world of hippies once and for all. He goes around town trying to exterminate them,... read more

13 votes
9x03 Wing aired Mar 24, 2005

Upon discovering that Token has an amazing singing voice, the boys want to become his agents so they can collect ten ... read more

Best Friends Forever
16 votes
9x04 Best Friends Forever aired Mar 31, 2005

Kenny gets a new Sony PSP, and Cartman is jealous. When Kenny is hit by a truck, Cartman learns that Kenny left him t... read more

The Losing Edge
17 votes
9x05 The Losing Edge aired Apr 07, 2005

The baseball season is ending, and the boys are happy because none of them enjoys the game. When they realize there i... read more

The Death of Eric Cartman
19 votes
9x06 The Death of Eric Cartman aired Apr 14, 2005

The boys have had it with Cartman, and decide to ignore him completely. When everyone joins in, Cartman assumes he mu... read more

Erection Day
14 votes
9x07 Erection Day aired Apr 21, 2005

Jimmy fears his sudden, uncontrollable erections will prevent him from participating in the school talent show. He go... read more

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
14 votes
9x08 Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow aired Oct 20, 2005

Stan and Cartman crash a speedboat into a dam, flooding the neighboring town of Beaverton. Since neither of the boys ... read more

16 votes
9x09 Marjorine aired Oct 27, 2005

The boys have reason to think that girls can see into the future. They decide that one of them must pretend to be a g... read more

Follow That Egg
14 votes
9x10 Follow That Egg aired Nov 03, 2005

The children in Ms. Garrison's class are paired up to practice their parenting skills by taking care of eggs. Ms. Gar... read more

Ginger Kids
16 votes
9x11 Ginger Kids aired Nov 10, 2005

Cartman gives an oral report on "Ginger Kids" - kids with red hair, fair skin, and freckles - and convinces the other... read more

Trapped in the Closet
15 votes
9x12 Trapped in the Closet aired Nov 17, 2005

Stan becomes interested in Scientology, and the Scientologists try to convince him he is to be their new leader. Tom ... read more

Free Willzyx
15 votes
9x13 Free Willzyx aired Dec 01, 2005

Fooled by a pair of practical joker sea-life trainers, Kyle convinces the other boys that they need to free a "talkin... read more

Bloody Mary
14 votes
9x14 Bloody Mary aired Dec 08, 2005

Stan feels embarrassed when his father is arrested for drunk driving. Meanwhile, a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeds a... read more


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