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South Park Season 2

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Terrance & Phillip in 'Not Without My Anus'
31 votes
2x01 Terrance & Phillip in 'Not Without My Anus' aired Apr 02, 1998

Terrance and Phillip travel to Iraq to rescue Terrance's daughter, Sally. When they get back, they discover that Cana... read more

Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
28 votes
2x02 Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut aired Apr 23, 1998

As Dr. Mephesto is about to reveal the identity of Cartman's father, he is shot and is rushed to the hospital. Chef a... read more

Ike's Wee Wee
22 votes
2x03 Ike's Wee Wee aired May 21, 1998

When the townspeople discover that Officer Barbrady can't read, they send him back to school. A mysterious pervert is... read more

25 votes
2x04 Chickenlover aired May 28, 1998

Ike's bris is approaching, and the boys misunderstand exactly what happens during this ceremony. Kyle tries to save h... read more

Conjoined Fetus Lady
24 votes
2x05 Conjoined Fetus Lady aired Jun 04, 1998

When Kyle sees that the school nurse has a dead fetus attached to her head, his mom tries to educate the boys about t... read more

The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka
20 votes
2x06 The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka aired Jun 11, 1998

When the boys interview Jimbo and Ned for a school project on Vietnam and present what they learn to their class, Mr.... read more

City on the Edge of Forever (a.k.a. Flashbacks)
18 votes
2x07 City on the Edge of Forever (a.k.a. Flashbacks) aired Jun 18, 1998

During a snowy bus ride, Mrs. Crabtree loses control of the bus and it ends up on the edge of a cliff. When she leave... read more

Summer Sucks
17 votes
2x08 Summer Sucks aired Jun 25, 1998

When summer comes around the boys are excited about leaving school and buying some fireworks. Their fun ends when the... read more

Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls
16 votes
2x09 Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls aired Aug 20, 1998

When a film festival comes to South Park and crowds of people flood the town, it's more than the local sewer system c... read more

17 votes
2x10 Chickenpox aired Aug 27, 1998

Kenny comes down with the chickenpox, so the boys' parents send them to his house to catch the disease while they are... read more

Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods
17 votes
2x11 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods aired Sep 03, 1998

The boys go on a class trip to the planetarium. Afterward, they all want to go back, though they can't remember why. ... read more

18 votes
2x12 Clubhouses aired Sep 24, 1998

Stan wants to build a clubhouse so he can play "Truth or Dare" with Wendy. Randy is all for it, and Kyle reluctantly ... read more

Cow Days
14 votes
2x13 Cow Days aired Oct 01, 1998

South Park is holding its annual "Cow Days" festival. The local cows become fascinated by a giant cow clock, and form... read more

Chef Aid
16 votes
2x14 Chef Aid aired Oct 08, 1998

Chef finds himself in a legal battle over a song he wrote, and tries to earn money by prostituting himself. The boys ... read more

17 votes
2x15 Spookyfish aired Oct 29, 1998

Stan is sure that the pet fish his Aunt Flo gives him is evil. When dead bodies start to appear in Stan's room, his m... read more

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
16 votes
2x16 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson aired Dec 10, 1998

Stan, Kyle, and Kenny go with Cartman to visit his grandmother for Christmas. While they are there, Cartman's Uncle H... read more

14 votes
2x17 Gnomes aired Dec 17, 1998

The kids must give a presentation on current events to prove that Mr. Garrison has actually taught them something. Th... read more

Prehistoric Ice Man
15 votes
2x18 Prehistoric Ice Man aired Jan 21, 1999

Kyle and Stan find an ice man frozen in a cave, and argue over their discovery. Dr. Mephesto determines the ice man i... read more


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