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South Park Season 7

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34 votes
7x01 Cancelled aired Mar 20, 2003

The boys start feeling a sense of deja-vu, as if they're repeating the episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." Chef tak... read more

Krazy Kripples
33 votes
7x02 Krazy Kripples aired Mar 27, 2003

When Christopher Reeve's appearance in South Park draws a bigger crowd than Jimmy's stand-up act, Jimmy is angry. He ... read more

Toilet Paper
33 votes
7x03 Toilet Paper aired Apr 03, 2003

When the art teacher makes the boys stay after school for being rude in class, they TP her home. Afterwards, Kyle fee... read more

I'm A Little Bit Country
32 votes
7x04 I'm A Little Bit Country aired Apr 10, 2003

The boys are assigned a group history project on the founding fathers of our nation. Cartman doesn't want to do any w... read more

Fat Butt and Pancake Head
33 votes
7x05 Fat Butt and Pancake Head aired Apr 17, 2003

Cartman dresses up his hand to look like a Jennifer Lopez puppet for a presentation on Latinos in the arts. However, ... read more

Lil' Crime Stoppers
43 votes
7x06 Lil' Crime Stoppers aired Apr 24, 2003

The boys play "junior detectives" to earn a little money. The boys solve the case of a missing doll, and the police a... read more

Red Man's Greed
33 votes
7x07 Red Man's Greed aired May 01, 2003

The owners of the Three Feathers Indian Casino want to purchase South Park, forcing the residents out of their homes.... read more

South Park is Gay
38 votes
7x08 South Park is Gay aired Oct 23, 2003

The "Metrosexual" look arrives in South Park, and all the guys are trying it. Kyle is the only one who doesn't feel c... read more

Christian Rock Hard
46 votes
7x09 Christian Rock Hard aired Oct 30, 2003

The boys form a band, but are having trouble finding their identity as a group. Cartman suggests they become a Christ... read more

Grey Dawn
44 votes
7x10 Grey Dawn aired Nov 06, 2003

South Park experiences a series of accidents caused by senior citizens and their poor driving skills. When the senior... read more

Casa Bonita
46 votes
7x11 Casa Bonita aired Nov 13, 2003

Kyle is allowed to take three friends to Casa Bonita (the Disneyland of Mexican restaurants) and he chooses to take B... read more

All About Mormons
46 votes
7x12 All About Mormons aired Nov 20, 2003

A new kid joins the class, and he's a Mormon. Stan goes over to beat him up, but instead, they end up having dinner t... read more

Butt Out
36 votes
7x13 Butt Out aired Dec 04, 2003

An anti-smoking campaign group comes to South Park Elementary. The boys hate the dorky musical performance so much, t... read more

48 votes
7x14 Raisins aired Dec 11, 2003

When Wendy dumps Stan, the guys try to cheer him up by taking him to "Raisins", a Hooters-like establishment with per... read more

It's Christmas in Canada
35 votes
7x15 It's Christmas in Canada aired Dec 18, 2003

Because of a new Prime Minister and a new Canadian law, Ike's birth parents arrive in South Park and take him back to... read more


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