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South Park Season 6

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Jared Has Aides
37 votes
6x01 Jared Has Aides aired Mar 07, 2002

South Park becomes obsessed with Jared, the guy who lost a lot of weight eating at Subway restaurants, and they are s... read more

49 votes
6x02 Asspen aired Mar 14, 2002

The Stotch family invites the Marsh and Broflovski families, plus Cartman, to Aspen with them for a free trip. All th... read more

Freak Strike
37 votes
6x03 Freak Strike aired Mar 21, 2002

The boys watch a daytime talk show featuring disfigured people. They notice that the guests on the show are given pri... read more

Fun With Veal
36 votes
6x04 Fun With Veal aired Mar 28, 2002

The boys take a field trip to a local cattle farm and learn where veal comes from. They are horrified at how the baby... read more

The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
42 votes
6x05 The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer aired Apr 04, 2002

The boys are running from house to house trying to find an available TV to watch the new Terrence and Phillip movie t... read more

Professor Chaos
61 votes
6x06 Professor Chaos aired Apr 11, 2002

Butters is fired as Kenny's replacement, and the boys hold "auditions" in the style of The Bachelor for the new fourt... read more

The Simpsons Already Did It
59 votes
6x07 The Simpsons Already Did It aired Jun 27, 2002

Butters, in his alter-ego as Professor Chaos, develops an evil scheme to block out the sun, but finds out that The Si... read more

Red Hot Catholic Love
39 votes
6x08 Red Hot Catholic Love aired Jul 04, 2002

A retreat is being held for Catholic children, but the parents, concerned about priests molesting their children, won... read more

Free Hat
37 votes
6x09 Free Hat aired Jul 11, 2002

The boys are upset that movie producers are re-editing their favorite films. They form a group dedicated to fight thi... read more

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
36 votes
6x10 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society aired Jul 18, 2002

The children finally return to school for the first time after Ms. Choksondik's tragic death. Bebe has begun to devel... read more

Child Abduction is Not Funny
55 votes
6x11 Child Abduction is Not Funny aired Jul 25, 2002

Tweek's parents become concerned about child abduction, and though they try to teach him how to be safe, they're afra... read more

A Ladder to Heaven
54 votes
6x12 A Ladder to Heaven aired Nov 07, 2002

The boys win a candy shopping spree, but since Kenny actually had the winning ticket, they go to visit his remains to... read more

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
59 votes
6x13 The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers aired Nov 14, 2002

Randy and Sharon give the boys a videotape of Lord of the Rings to take over to Butters, but the tape was accidentall... read more

The Death Camp of Tolerance
52 votes
6x14 The Death Camp of Tolerance aired Nov 21, 2002

Mr. Garrison tries to get fired from teaching fourth grade with the help of his new "assistant," Mr. Slave. Mr. Garri... read more

The Biggest Douche in the Universe
53 votes
6x15 The Biggest Douche in the Universe aired Nov 28, 2002

Cartman's body cannot contain Kenny's soul much longer, so Chef and the boys looks for ways to remove Kenny's presenc... read more

My Future Self n' Me
40 votes
6x16 My Future Self n' Me aired Dec 05, 2002

Stan's future self appears, and Stan is mortified to learn that in the future, he's a total loser. When he sees that ... read more

Red Sleigh Down
36 votes
6x17 Red Sleigh Down aired Dec 12, 2002

Cartman wants a particular toy this Christmas, but he knows he won't get it because he's been too naughty. He realize... read more


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