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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

The Doctor looks and seems human. He's handsome, witty, and could be mistaken for just another man in the street. But the Doctor is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living - more of a hobby actually, and he's very, very good at it. He's saved us from alien menaces and evil from before time began - but just who is he?

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airing May 11, 2024

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1x01 Rose
aired Mar 26, 2005


tardisgirl (Mar 05, 2013)

wowwwww can't seriously wait man. SO EXCITED

RobbeDG (Jan 03, 2013)

Clara Oswin Oswald, soufflé-girl. Looking forward to the new episodes!

rorypondicus (Jan 01, 2013)


lotte32a (Dec 06, 2012)

december 25th!!! can't wait for the christmasepisode with the new campanion!!!!

Artifex (Sep 26, 2012)

@emonquente How can anyone hate the 10th doctor... Ask them again!

emonquente (Sep 25, 2012)

@Artifex Depends on the group you talk to. Over at TGWTG for example, the 10th doctor gets a lot of hate. They've told me why, but I still don't really get it. *shrugs*

Sad last episode until x-mas is this week. . .. But at least the fall line-up starts this week. . . and with my list it -almost- makes up for it. . .. -almost-. . . though if I could pick between an episode of Who every week for the rest of my life and the 11 shows I'm following this fall, I'd take Who hands down.

Artifex (Sep 24, 2012)

@emonquente Agree with you on the 9th doctor. He's underrated.

Quetzalma (Sep 23, 2012)

The last episode of Amy and Rory next week :(

emonquente (Sep 09, 2012)

You know, an episode with virtually zero stakes (by Eleventh Doctor standards) was nice to see this time. Looking forward to the next episode.

emonquente (Sep 02, 2012)

This was the best Dalek episode ever. Seriously. This looks to be a good season already.

likwidsolutions (Aug 31, 2012)

@Renegade412 @Zelos @yoryan @dannys717 @DarkReality @Modan @Excitebike @goldenhearted @DarkSamus92 @Bmvc1 ... don't even know if all of you watch DW but you are all following it

Didn't realize Doctor Who was airing tomorrow until today! Woohoo. Happy surprise.

emonquente (Aug 21, 2012)

@Quetzalma yeah it's a typo, they happen :P

Quetzalma (Aug 20, 2012)

@emonquente 10th Doctor had 3 seasons, not 2 :)

9th: 1st
10th: 2nd/3rd/4th
11th: 5th/6th/?7th

emonquente (Aug 13, 2012)

By the by, the "Science of Doctor Who" special is kinda crap for the first half. Mostly jsut involving the TARDIS. They simply toss out every single explanation of the science of the show and try to address it from current scientific theory.

This has its obvious advantages -- but it is one of the points of the show that you need to think outside human limits, and they're refusing to even discuss the other theories -- like they didn't even notice them. Exactly the problem isn't it?

I got ticked off around the time they addressed time travel through speed of light travel and wormholes. Yeah, those are modern theories -- but have nothing to do with the TARDIS itself.

Also. . .the hell is a 'space scientist'? Kinda a crap title that now innit?

Anyway, I just really wished they had at least discussed Doctor Who science a lot more than just focusing on something very basic in modern science.

Also, I know personally from a few blokes that there is a LOT more modern science than these people talked about (mostly because it's all that sort of half-assed classified that means nothing). I won't give for instances, but seriously it's just annoying, and I think anyone in the fields or with friends in the fields would understand what I'm on about.

Also the second half of the show is just talking to a larger degree, not science, just talking about Doctor Who -- that was actually more interesting. And when they come back it's things that are more relevant to both TV and science. The Cyborgs bit was really good.actually. Really good.

emonquente (Aug 13, 2012)

Can't wait for the new season is what I'm saying -- this show is awesome, and for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. . . you MUST watch it. It's like never having seen an episode of the Twilight Zone - -you're missing out on the route of so many tropes, ideas, and god knows what else on the history aspect -- but more than that . .. Every single Doctor is just plain awesome.

The 9th Doctor (who I insist is better than people give him credit for) has the issue of carrying a reboot into modern story-telling on his shoulders. That means his episodes tend to drag a bit, and the budget wasn't back up yet so that's an issue as well.

In fact, he has many of the issues the 3rd doctor faced, but without the advantage of having more than 1 season to make you love him. And just like the 3rd doctor, he was followed by the most popular doctor of his generation.

But you know, I don't think the 4th or 10th doctors could have been what they were without the men who preceded them, who took the hit of the reboot for them (the 3rd doctor didn't have 20 years of absence, but still the move to colour and a very, very different type of television audience) and re-established the concept of the doctor. Though the 9th got pushed into this role much worse, having only a single season.

And you know, I can actually see why the 10th doctor only got 3 seasons. . .he was simply TOO clever. Add that to the relationships he'd had going all throughout time and space . . . I really don't think he could have gotten the extra year or two that would have been more standard.

Anyways, cheers to the doctors, cheers to a new season and. . .. ah damn it's another Dalek episode? You know, the new show handles them FAR better than the old did (to the old Daleks = Nazis/Communists and no more thought than that went in for most episodes). In fact, it handles more like the serial about the birth of the Daleks did, or the first episode involving the Daleks. Eh, maybe it'll be really good.

emonquente (Aug 13, 2012)

I've been watching Doctor Who since I was tiny, and my father watched it before me, and my grandfather before him. That's almost insane to think about to be honest, a show surviving through three generations? Even if I had to wait until I was a sophomore in highschool for new episodes to come out, there was so much already extant by my time it wasn't too hard a wait really.

Doctor Who is like the Simpsons is for my own generation in the States. The Simpsons went on the air a few days before I was born, and there have been new episodes and old ones to end enjoy ever since then my entire life. I couldn't imagine it not being around -- the same is true of the good doctor.

Unlike the Simpsons, however, I don't think there's a single Doctor Who episode which isn't good for the first time through it, though heaven knows there are episodes you probably can't watch over and over.

My favorite Doctor was the 3rd, he just seemed like the perfect kick-ass old uncle figure. And all that Venucian stuff was really quite cute. The 4th was probably the best doctor all things considered - - but the third was my favorite, and I rather liked his companions.

Of the new three I think saying the 10th is my favorite is a bit obvious. He's like a mix between the 3rd and 5th and works really well.

The only doctors I didn't like (until a few episodes before he died) were the first and 6th, he was an ass. And only a handful of the first doctor's serials hold up these many, many years later anyway. The 6th doctor had some great stories - especially compared to the 5th which had kinda gone downhill, but he wasn't likeable at all until the very end. Whereas the 5th doctor was just bloody awesome, but most of his stories were rather bland for my tastes. The 7th found a good middle-ground again that the 9th I think did a good job following.

Each doctor before was one word. Militant was the 9th, clever was the 10th, and the 11th is . . . tragic I think, childish yes but moreso tragic.

Artifex (Jul 15, 2012)

@Emmer Correct, because everyone misses the old one!

MonJasminNoir (May 02, 2012)

9th and Rose ♥

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